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    The freeware script is an easy php opening time program in order to show too different times passed away suitable texts, suitable for shops, practise, ect. A data bank is not required.Joomla compatible Appearance, Example: Now our shopis closed! Monday open 08 - 12:30, 13 - 19 o'clock.The pattern is always: Opening time, lunchbreak closingtime or only: Opening time, closing-timeFeatures: ...
  2. Ultimate PHP Date Time Script
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    This is ultimate date script which can help you to insert date and time in any of your php scripts with inbuilt 12 formats which can easily be scaled up. Options to add custom messages have been implemented for more friendliness.Instructions:Just upload the file includetime.inc.php to your webspace and include the script via PHP in your source code like this:<?php ...
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    This short script works under windows and under linux too. I wrote it for everybody who is looking for a script for showing the date and time internationalized. Now I decided to give to the community this my little script. It's multilanguage and is very nice and efficent! so Try it! Easy to configure. There are two files: time.php and ...
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    Free PHP script: Display human friendly relative dates and times is one of the really lovely features that social sites like Twitter and Facebook give to users is a nice friendly way of displaying relative dates and times. For example:"1 hour ago""Next Tuesday""Next month"This PHP script converts an SQL date into a human friendly string representing that date and time ...
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    Local Date Display is a simple PHP script that ensures you can display the local time and/or date, even when your web server is located in a different time zone to the date and/or time you want to display.Ideal in situations such as virtual web hosting. Presently limited (as a simple 4-line script) in that you need to update the ...
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    Sometimes it is nice to see the server local time of the site we are accessing. It is not possible to do this with Javascript because it uses the time of the computer of the user browser.This class generates a PNG image with a simple clock displaying the time of the server.Optionally, the clock may display a legend near the ...
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    Mklib.php is a set of libraries created to make building web applications with PHP easier. Common functions are collected and put in these libraries, such as processing data before inserting into a database or formatting date/time strings for display.Assuming you have PHP installed and running properly. To use the library all you need to do is "include" or "require" it ...
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    Date/Time Select Generator generates HTML for form select inputs that let the user choose ranges of years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, etc..Several select inputs can be generated according to a format defining which date and time format format inputs should be displayed.Requirements: PHP 5.1.0 or higher
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    Opening hours is an easy php opening time program in order to show too different times passed away suitable texts, suitable for shops, practise, ect. A data bank is not required. Joomla compatible Appearance: Example: Now our shop is closed! Monday open 08 - 12:30, 13 - 19 o'clock. The pattern is always: Opening time, lunchbreak closingtime or only: Opening ...
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    Text to Timestamp is a specified string with a relative time expression in English like "x time ago" can be parsed into a time value. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
  11. Simple Profiler
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    A timer can be started and stopped several times with the script Simple Profiler.The Simple Profiler stores the time it took between the timer start and stop moments and associate a description to each timed period.Then it can display the different timed intervals in an HTML table.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    GMT Converter can look-up a MySQL database table for time zone offsets relative to GMT given the zone identifier.GMT Converter can convert date and times between zones based on offsets retrieved from the database.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Specifying the source database table will generate a simple grid data presentation with Zend Framework Data Grid.Key Features of Zend Framework Data Grid:- Multiple Sources (DB, Array, JSON, CSV, XML)- User interface controls to perform operations to insert, update and delete table records with support for data validation and filtering- Template based presentation- Support for joining tables- Filter data by ...
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    Simple benchmark can take note of time when it starts and ends a given PHP script named section. The time elapsed since the beginning to the end of a section can also be returned. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Several operations to manipulate and display dates can be performed. Currently IDDateTime can return a given time in seconds to days, hours, minutes and seconds, return the current date and time, and generate HTML with Javascript that shows the current time on the browser side. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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