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  1. Video Thumbnails
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    Video Thumbnails is a simple WordPress plugin that makes it easy to automatically display video thumbnails in templates. The plugin retrieves the default thumbnail of the video to embed, saves it to the media library, and sets it as the featured image for the post in which to embed. The user can choose to turn off featured images. Installation:- Unpack ...
  2. Image Override
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    Image Override is a WordPress plugin to override default post image thumbnails. The Image Override plugin adds a meta box to the post/page editing screen where admins can upload new images to use instead of the default cropped images and generated thumbnails. Depending on the Media Library and custom post type settings, the plugin will adapt to cover all available ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    Windows Image Gallery is windows look a like script of the famous windows. It displays all pictures in a specifies folder on your server. The script will create automaticly thumbnails from the images in your folder. You can set how big/small the thumbnails have to be on your gallery. You can browse your images with a browser based windows desktop. ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    PicKLE is an image gallery system created in PHP, which generates thumbnails and resampled images on the fly and caches them. It is made to be extremely simple to install/configure. Comes packed with an example.
  5. UberGallery
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    UberGallery is a PHP web image gallery. It is very easy to install, just add images to a folder, change settings in the config and that's it. Features of UberGallery:- Simple first time installation- Database-less configuration- Include galleries within pre-existing sites- Create multiple galleries with a single installation- Easily customize your gallery styles via CSS- Install and update the gallery ...
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