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    PHPShowTime which is a PHP image gallery emphasize on transfering images from FTP,can also be customized and congfigured by users. Features of phpShowtime: - Easy "copy only" setup - Transfer your images per FTP, no other steps required - Automatic Thumbnail creation in 3 different sizes- Custom folder thumbails depending on content - Custom captions for every image - High ...
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    Pictoru's Thumb can be used to generate thumbnails from images in the GIF, JPEG and PNG formats. It can read an image in the GIF, JPEG and PNG formats and create a new true color image with the reduced size for the thumbnail.Pictoru's Thumb can also rotate the image by a given angle. The thumbnail can be generated as the ...
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    PHPSlideShow is the easiest way to create a slide show with your images. Setup is easy, just put phpslideshow.php in a directory containing your images and point your browser to it for a show. Features of PHPSlideShow: - Automatic thumbnail creation. - Zero Configuration Setup for beginners. - CSS/XHTML templates for advanced users. - Thumbnail support.- EXIF comment support. - ...
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    cThumbnail can be used to generate thumbnail images files in the GIF, PNG or JPEG format. It creates a true color image with a given width and height.When the original image is smaller than the desired thumbnail image size, the original image is not resized and it displayed in the center of the generated thumbnail image.The thumbnail image is generated ...
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    Thumbnail Creator is a simple class that can be used to generate thumbnais from images in the JPEG format.You can choose how much you want to reduce your imagesize by typing a number between 1 and 101. If you type for example 2, the thumbnail will be as half as greate as the original picture.Thumbnail Creator can resize the original ...
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    Create image thumbnails from JPG or PNG on the fly showing them in an imagetag or outputting them as files with explecit width or height or both.This version requires GD 2.0 or higher! For older versions of the GDLib fetch version 0.9 of Image2Thumbnail.
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    Image Masking is meant to apply a mask to a given image, much like you could do in PhotoShop, Gimp, or any other such image manipulation program.If the mask is smaller than the image then the mask can be placed in various positions (top left, left, top right, left, centre, right, bottom left, bottom, bottom right) or the mask can ...
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    Template based Image gallery generation class.Example shows how gnGallery:- Creates the thumbnails into a folder, - generates HTML file listing all the thumbnails and links to the original images.Each class can be used seperately!
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    Thumbnail Generator is meant to generate thumbnails from images in the GIF, JPEG or PNG formats. The images are scaled proportionally assuring that neither the width nor the height exceed a given thumbnail size.Thumbnail Generator classes uses the GD lib to resize the images. The thumbnail is generated as true color image in the PNG format.
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    class.dropshadow.php allows for easy creation of thumbnail images with (or without!) a drop shadow effect. Images can be read from a file or passed as a string (as you might take the images from a database), and they can also be resized for easy creation of thumbnails. You can also change the background colour of the image and generate the ...
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    Image Pop Up Class is designed to ease the publication of images in html webpages that uses PHP.Functions of Image Pop Up Class:- With this class you can insert pictures in your web pages in one line (simlar to tags).- The class automatically creates a link to the original image using javascript (displaying the selected picture in a new window ...
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    Thumb-nailit is a simple class that can generate a thumbnail graphic of a given image. The class generates a thumbnail graphic that keeps the proportion of original image and at the same time neither the width nor the height do not exceed a given size.Thumb-nailit reads the original image using a given file name. It detects the image type checking ...
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    Power Thumb is meant to generate thumbnails for images that can be processed with optional color filters and be presented in HTML pages with optional full scale zoom links.Currently the supported color filters are grayscale, red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan and black. The full scale image link opens in popup window and displays the description of the picture.The attributes ...
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    Thumbnails Creation is meant to generate thumbnails from image files located in a specified directory. The package comes with a class that can traverse directories and list the files in them to determine which are images based on the file name extension.A sub-class is capable of taking a list of image files and generate thumbnail images that are stored with ...
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    These classes are meant to generate thumbnail images or adding a logo or watermark to a picture.There are also sub-classes for caching the generated images in files stored in a temporary folder. The generated images may be cached to avoid the need to process the pictures during a given period of time.
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