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    BMP Thumbnail has a class that can read a BMP image file, decodes the image pixels, and a new image file in the GD library format from the BMP image pixel values.The GD image file is stored in temporary file or in a string using a memory stream handler class to improve the decoding process speed. The GD image file ...
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    phpPhotoGallery can list one or more server side directories where the picture files may be found. It can display thumbnails in a table with a configurable number of columns per row.The thumbnails are the same images presented in a smaller size defined by a given scale factor. The thumbnails images are not stored on the server side.Clicking on the thumbnail ...
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    Thumbnail Images reads a image file in the GIF, JPEG and PNG formats and creates a true color image before resizing it to a given size in to make the thumbnail smooth.If the thumbnail width or height is not specified, the class calculates its value as to preserve the original aspect ratio. The resulting thumbnail image can be saved in ...
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    Thumbnails is a simple class that can be used to display thumbnail versions of images of a given server directory. It traverses a given server directory and extracts the list of image files considering only those with file name extensions .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png, .tga, .tif and .eps.The image files are displayed in reduced size in a table of a ...
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    Thumbnails can be created for image files. PHP Upload returns the full path of a file to store it in a a database MySQL.
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    The Youtube GData API Web service is queried for information about videos matching a certain keyword.YouTube API retrieves all the details of the matching videos like: titles, video URL for download in Flash or 3GPP (for mobile) formats and video thumbnail image URL.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The PHP GD library or the ImageMagick program can be used. Thumbnail Party generates thumbnail images with a size proportional to the original image.If the original image is smaller than the target thumbnail size, the class may optionally enlarge the original image. The empty spaces around the rescaled image can be optionally filled with a background color. The rescaled image ...
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    ABrowser Class can be used to provide a Web interface to browser server side files and folders. It lets the user browse listings of files and folders below the current script directory.Features of ABrowser Class:- List folders in the first column- List files in the next three columns: images, scripts and text files- The images files can be presented either ...
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    Image Upload can take image files uploaded using Web forms and generate one or more thumbnails with different sizes. The thumbnails are saved in JPEG format to a specified directory.Requirements:- HP 5.0 or higher
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    YouTube takes the URL of a video page in the YouTube site and parses it to extract the video identifier.YouTube can generate HTML to embed a player to show the video in other Web site pages. The embedded video player width and height is configurable.HTML code used to display thumbnails of the videos can also be generated.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    xTem Upload supports file uploading handling, renaming and deleting. It can also be used to generate image thumbnail for JPEG files, if the GD library is available.
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    Simple Gallery retrieves the list of GIF, JPEG and PNG images files in a given directory and displays thumbnails of the images in a table with links to pages where each image is displayed individually.The table has a configurable number of columns and rows. When there are more images to display than those that fit in table, navigation links are ...
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    File names and description of pictures get retrieved from a MySQL database table. Image Gallery generates an HTML table to show thumbnails of the gallery pictures, as well links to navigate between multiple gallery pages.The directory of the picture files, the number of gallery rows and pictures per row to show in each page are configurable details.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or ...
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    KG Image Resizer Thumbnail Class can resize a given image in the PNG, GIF or JPEG formats to a given width and height. If the image file does not exist, it uses a default image file.The source image format is also being kept for its resized version, which gets served as the current script output.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The number of thumbnail pictures to display per page can be configured.Features of Image Browser:- Thumbnail pictures are created on the fly with a size that is configurable- Determining which pictures are displayed or not based on their file names- Showing the current picture number and total count under the picture- Browsing directories recursively- Choosing the background color of thumbnail ...
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