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    Simple Image Resizer to resize an image from bigger to smaller size, supporting many image format such as PNG, JPG, and GIF. Simple Image Resizer is useful when we want to upload an original image and make it thumbnail view on your site which has best result thumbnail image, without reducing the quality from original image. Easy to use for ...
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    ThumbnailBrowser is achieved through a simple API. You can use ThumbnailBrowser to make a thumbnail, also a web gallery or image gallery.Try ThumbnailBrowser now :)
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    Thumbnail Creation takes the width and height of full sized image and calculates the size of a thumbnail image preserving the original aspect.The limit width and height, as well as the target dimensions, can be configured.Requirements: PHP 3 or higher
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    ImgBrowz0r scans a given directory for images with file name extensions of GIF, JPEG and PNG image formats. It can generate thumbnail image files which are used to display the gallery images in an HTML table.The thumbnails are linked to pages where the full size versions of the images can be viewed.Requirements: - PHP 5.0 or higher
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    GImageGaller implements an image gallery that uses a GMail account to store the images. This package is inspired in GImage, a PHP script available on the Web for a similar purpose.GImageGaller makes use of the libgmailer class to access your Gmail account. There is a libgmailer subclass to fetch the thumbnails generated by Gmail, thus reducing the bandwidth that is ...
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    Image Uploader takes an uploaded image and check whether the MIME type is of GIF, JPEG or PNG formats, if the file size does not exceed a given limit, or the image width and height is not smaller than a given size.Image Uploader can also create thumbnails and assure that width and height of neither the thumbnails nor the original ...
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    A JPEG-compressed version of the processed image is saved on the server. extensive GD2+ image manipulations can easily handle proportional thumbnails with stacked transformations.Multiple transformations can be stacked together with ease.Key Features of extensive GD2+ image manipulations:- bevel - shaded bevelled edges (width,hex light colour,hex dark colour)- greyscale - black n white (ratio red,ratio green,ratio blue)- ellipse - carved ellipse ...
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    Several types of operations can be performed on previously uploaded images.ImgMan can modify the width, generate thumbnails, and save the images to a specified directory, creating it if necessary.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Photo Show and Hide can easily be accomplished with CSS and PHP, but this class can not only embed the thumbnail but to make it expandable, to reflow the text and to do this without having to reload the page. It can accomodate more than one image in the same page by the means of dynamically generating div tags with ...
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    Thumbnailer provides three alternatives for generating the thumbnails using three different methods: GD extension, ImageMagick program or extract from metadata in EXIF format from JPEG images.Thumbnailer can either serve the thumbnail image or store it in a file. JPEG and PNG images are supported.
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    Thumbs traverses a given directory and generates thumbnails of files with the extensions .gif, .jpg and .png, ignoring files that start with _ character.The thumbnail images files are stored in a sub-directory named thumbs. Once created, the upto date thumbnails will be skipped to avoid unnecessary reprocessing.The thumbnails may have limited width, height or both. The thumbnail file names may ...
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    Thumbnail images of a specified size can be generated, a watermark can be applied and image information can be retrieved, including the associated MIME type.
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    class upload file takes the parameters passed to PHP scripts about the file, type and name of uploaded files and checks whether file name extension is one of the accepted file types.The uploaded file can also be moved to a specified directory. If the uploaded file is an image, class upload file may also generate a thumbnail image.Requirements: PHP 4.0 ...
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    The generated thumbnail can be saved to a file.
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    The thumbnails can be set to either have constrained proportions with a background fill to the max pixel width and height, or simple be constrained inside the max pixel width and height.Requirements: PHP GD extension 2.0 or higher
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