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    ImageUpload takes the name of an file upload input field and validate its values to determine if it was uploaded a file of the accepted types and the file size does not exceed a given limit.If the file is valid, ImageUpload is copied to a given destination directory. The class creates that directory if it does not exist already. When ...
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    PHP Image Thumb Generator can open a given image file in the GIF, JPEG and PNG format. It can create a thumbnail of the image with given size, preserving the proportion between the original width and height.Thumbnail images get served in the same format as the original images as the output of the current script.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    EasyGallery scans a folder on your webspace for images and displays them in a web-gallery. Thumbnails are created automatically, so everything you have to do is upload your files.
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    EncapsGallery is skinnable image gallery (multipurpose catalogue), easy to install and run, doesn't require PHP or MySQL skills. Key Features of EncapsGallery: - create unlimited categories;- upload unlimited media files (images,swf,mov);- http/ftp image upload;- database installer/deinstaller;- web-admin (back-end);- optional PayPal integration;- automatic/static thumbnails;- HTML skins;- Live online demo is available.
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    PH Pexplorer is a kind of file browser/explorer for Servers with PHP 4/5. Works with Opera 7+, Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2 (Linux and Windows), Safari 1.3+. PH Pexlorer automatically detects the best available and suitable language for the client. At the moment this program is available in English and German at clientside. Depending on your server configuration you can ...
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    EazyGallery is a simple gallery that shows all images that are located in the script's directory and subdirectories of your choise. Eazy installation and usage. Script creates thumbnails in "thumbz" folder only at first usage. Features of EazyGallery:- Viewing JPEG, GIF and PNG file types.- Using external *.CSS stylesheet.- Using Lightbox as a viewer.
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    Snaps Album retrieves the list of JPEG image files from a given directory and generates thumbnails for images that were found. An image from the folder can be picked randomly and used as the album cover. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    There is one class for handling one or more uploaded files that can copy the files to a given directory if they do not exist. Easy upload resize thumb image can also call another class to generate thumbnails out of uploaded images. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Thumb And Crop can read images in JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP formats and create thumbnail images of a given size keeping the original proportion. It can also crop the image to keep only a given rectangle. The processed images can be used directly as output or saved back to files. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Imageview 6 is a 4th generation image gallery script and it is using AJAX to deliver the best version yet. Main focus was compatibility between browsers. Also the compatibility on the server side has improved dramatically! While creating Imageview one of the first priorities was to make it work without a database and still be user-friendly. Features of Imageview:- Compatible ...
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    Images can be loaded from files and and the thumbnails can be saved back to files with the help of Easy PHP Thumbnail. The Easy PHP Thumbnail can also perform other image manipulation functions like adding shadows, clip corners, apply the sepia image aging effect, add a border, add a binder to the image side, draw a copyright text, rotate, ...
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    phMagick passes parameters to the ImageMagick program in order to process several types of image manipulation operations. Currently phMagick can resize images, create thumbnails, darken or brighten images, adding watermarks, rotating, flipping, cropping, converting to grey scale and inverting the images, applying effects like drop-shadows, rounded corners and a "polaroid look". phMagick can also generate thumbnails from Avi and Pdf ...
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    As a result, mImage can be used to generate thumbnails.
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    PHP_Thumbnail converts an image to a height and width that is specified and then outputs the HTML code required to display it.
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    Several galleries with thumbnail and real-size images, as well as information fields such as title, text, size, tech, date and price, can be displayed.phpRealGallery should be embedded in the body tag of an HTML file. It produces valid XHTML 1.0 code.
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