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  1. TinyWebGallery
    4757 total visits
    The TinyWebGallery is a free php script based gallery that is very easy to install, extremely user friendly, does not need a database (uses xml files) but still has all the features you should expect and much more. Features of TinyWebGallery:- DHTML navigation with sliding thumbnails- xml based comments/captions/view counter/Top X/Rating with security image...- Keyboard navigation (arrow keys)- TWG Admin ...
  2. Online-Bookmarks
    5004 total visits
    Did you ever want to access your private Favorites while being at work or to share your link collection with others? With Online-Bookmarks you have the possibility to gain a multiuser Bookmark management system that keeps Bookmarks, Favorites and Links online, where they actually are needed. It makes it easy to store browser URL's central and access them from anywhere.Share ...
  3. EasyPhpThumbnail Class
    3392 total visits
    EasyPhpThumbnail Class allows you to handle image manipulation and thumbnail generation for GIF, JPG and PNG on-the-fly. The script is FREE for open-source projects, 100% PHP based, available for PHP4 and PHP5, is easy to use and provides lots of functionality such as resize, crop, rotate, flip, save as, shadow, watermark, text, border, filter, twirl, water ripple and more!!
  4. No Screenshot
    1020 total visits
    Thumb.php is a simple PHP script for quick image thumbnail generation. It comes complete with a caching system for not rendering the same thumbnail over and over again. Features of Thumb.php:- File-based and browser-based cache system- Crop or resize image- Zoom image before thumbnailing- Alignment options- Adjust image sharpness
  5. No Screenshot
    339 total visits
    EasyPhpAlbum is a free thumbnail gallery script and the easiest and safest way to publish your photos on the web. Only 1 file has to be included with your photos to publish them online. It offers all the features you will ever need for hosting one or multiple online photo albums. Next to publishing photos you can just as easily ...
  6. PHP Thumbnail Image Gallery Script
    405 total visits
    This is a PHP image gallery script that allows you to simply upload new full sized images in FTP and the script will automatically create the thumbnails for those images and add those images to a paged thumbnail gallery suitable for browsing.What's new in this version:- Stripped out broken Imagemagick support.- Cleaned up the code.- Better commented everything.- Redid the ...
  7. No Screenshot
    258 total visits
    This is a PHP image handling script for thumbnail creator. It can be used to create multiple versions of an image, mainly in smaller forms.Features of Smart Lencioni Image Resizer:- Resizes JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGs- Intelligently sharpens for crisp photos at any size- Can crop based on width:height ratios- Can color-fill transparent GIFs and PNGs- Built-in caching keeps image variations ...
  8. No Screenshot
    308 total visits
    bolGallery is a powerful & simple PHP gallery script. Automatically lists your images directory, on-the-fly creats thumbnails and displays them into a simple table. On clicking an image it open a smart one-click-close popup. You can choose between two thumbnail style modes : creative which focuses on a detail of the big image (by default) and classic which creates a ...
  9. PHP Thumbnail Generator
    223 total visits
    PHP Thumbnail Generator is designed to generate thumb nails from JPG, GIF, or PNG images, This script is used to scale the image from original size without losing the origianl quality.Features of PHP Thumbnail Generator:- It supports to create JPG, GIF and PNG images.- PHP 4 not supported for gif image creation.- You can scale the image to smaller size ...
  10. ThePhig
    383 total visits
    ThePhig is a free and open source PHP image gallery to creat an album of images by simply uploadint a directory of image to the server. ThePhig adds automatic thumbnail creation, and provide you with three different image overlays: PrettyPhoto, FancyBox, and Shutter Reloaded for the front end. Its password protected admin area enables users to easily manage informaion related ...
  11. Thumbs-Up
    215 total visits
    This PHP script is to creat thumbnails of JPG, PNG, and GIP images. It requires PHP incl. GD library and optionally ImageMagick and MySQl. Thumbnails are cached to increase performance.If ImageMagick is installed, thumbnails will be created with ImageMagick because of the better quality. (Note: This script uses a system call for ImageMagick - this will not work in PHP ...
  12. Imagethumb
    188 total visits
    Imagethumb is a PHP image resizing script, which allows you to resize any image so that you can place the resulting thumbnail on a page. This script was created to avoid the manual creation of thumbnails, which on some sites with lots of image may take a lot of time. Currently GIF, JPEG and PNG formats are supported.Requirements:- a web ...
  13. Oziams Image Uploader
    367 total visits
    This PHP script can be used to upload images as is or optionally resize images and/or create thumbnails if required, and image filename will be as original in lowercase, thumbnails will have the same name as original with "th_". Currently, images in the GIF,JPG or PNG formats are Supported.Requirements: - PHP 4.0.3 or Higher with GD extensions
  14. PHP Thumb
    1299 total visits
    PHP Thumb is a small yet powerful image manipulation script focused on thumbnail generation. You can easily add custom functionality to the script through plugins. PHP Thumb has the ability to resize by width, height, and percentage, create custom crops, or square crops from the center, and rotate the image. It also features the ability to perform multiple manipulations per ...
  15. MiniGal Nano
    1568 total visits
    MiniGal Nano is a very simple and user friendly /HTML/CSS/PHP image gallery script. It aims to be simple, easy to use, good looking while still being free and open source. There is no backend, just upload it to your server along with your images and you're good to go. Simple editing of the configuration file gives you control of some ...
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