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  1. OptionTree
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    OptionTree is a plugin to migrate and manage theme options in WordPress. OptionTree is a project sponsored by ThemeForest, the largest WordPress theme marketplace on the web, and was originally conceived to help ThemeForest authors quickly power up their themes. This plugin practically allows users to migrate theme options across various themes, layouts and frameworks. OptionTree can handly any kind ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    Easy Admin Theme is a WordPress plugin allowing admins to see a different theme from the rest of the users. While users will still see the default set site theme, admins can activate a front-end theme just for them. This will allow them to work on upcoming site versions, new themes or client work without shutting down the site or ...
  3. NHP Theme Options
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    NHP Theme Options is a theme options framework for WordPress. Modeled after the Options Framework and the UP Theme Framework, it allows theme developers to easily create a mechanism for exporting theme options from one theme to another. Features of NHP Theme Options:- Customisable and Easy to Use- Built In Field Types- Multiple Option Sections- Built In Validation Methods- Extendable ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    With the Orca Ringmaker, it's easy to create and manage your own ring of websites. Comes with many intuitive administration and editing features all accessible though a full-featured web GUI. With dynamically interchangable themes, the Ringmaker is designed to fit into any existing layout, or just by itself.Many cool features of Orca Ringmaker: - editable navigation bars, - eight weeks ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    I was looking over the internet for finding a way to show my themes to the users without them needed to be registered but also just screenshots in a gallery dont really attracted me so i found this image loader on the net, I sticked it in a block and the block had born. It works with xml and you ...
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