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    Console can assemble control characters that can control aspects of different of formatting the output of text to consoles like background and foreground colors, character positioning, etc.. Formatted text or numbers can also be read from the console input. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Thanks to the cascading nature of CSS, a simple font-size percentage can be included in the head of any page to facilite this text resizer. No other style attribute will be disturbed, with the exception of the body's font size. To use Text Resizer, instantiate the class on any page, call ProcessTextReset(), and reset the text size by passing query ...
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    The D, l (small L), F and M format strings get replaced with their Dutch counterparts.
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    Multi-byte string extension is used to convert the text to character codes, while HTML entities are also generated for those characters.Requirements:PHP 5 or higher
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    Images in GIF, JPEG or PNG formats can be loaded from server files or uploaded through Web forms.Nweb Image can perform several operations on the images like: cropping, resizing, composing a new image from two images, write text on the image, convert the image colors to grey scale, adjust the brightness or contrast, invert the colors, and colorize.The processed image ...
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    String Manipulation Class can manipulate text strings providing an API similar to Java String class.
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    Edit Bitmap is a simple class that can be used to manipulate sets of bits stored in strings.Easy to do with Edit Bitmap:- Calculate the position of a given bit number- Retrieve, set or toggle the value of a given bit- Compare given bit value- Display the bit set
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    udPattern allows you to store patterns and to check strings against them. udPattern should be perfect for matching URLs and filenames.Just register the patterns you want to use and then call the TestPattern function to check if it is a valid string.You can use accept( ) or reject(-) to all patterns as well as wildcards. If you are experienced with ...
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    String can be used to change and alter strings.Key Features of String:- stripSpaces- stripSpacesBefore- stripSpacesAfter- concat- contain- find- replace- eregReplace- charAt- subString- cut- toURL- htmlEncode- htmlDecode- htmlEncodeWords- stripTags- removeSlashes- upperCase- upperCaseWords- upperCaseFirst- lowerCase- undo- redo- clean- nl2br- br2nl- getString- setString- getValue- setValue- __toString- toXmlRequirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    text2image supports align, valign and other attributes to make the text on the image. Purpose for study.
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    This class can identifying names, places, dates, and other noun words and phrases that establish the meaning of a body of text-is critical to software systems that process large amounts of unstructured data coming from sources such as email, document files, and the Web. ArWordTag has been designed to assist other applications processing massive amounts of unstructured data from different ...
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    Strings can be concatenated in several ways.Key Features of String Builder:- Append a string to another- Append a string with a line break either in plain text or HTML- Concatenate a variable number of string with a given concatenation formatRequirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This PHP script is to compress CSS files by removing unnecessary characters, CssShrink first takes the content of a CSS file, and then removes comments, white spaces and semi-colons after statements at the end of the line to compress CSS file. Fianlly the compressed CSS output will return as a string.Requirements:- PHP 5.1 or higher
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    TextSQL can parse some types of SQL queries and translate the queries into actions to store and retrieve data from text files.CREATE TABLE, INSERT and SELECT SQL queries are supported.Requirements: PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    PHPBiDi can be used to get the visual representation of text strings for languages that are written from right to left. Right to left strings of plain text or HTML are parsed and characters are returned ordered visually, rather than logically.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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