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    Cut html string takes a string with an HTML excerpt and return the initial text and tags so the text does not exceed a given limit.
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    Some non-ASCII characters encoded using UTF-8 are searched for and replaced with their equivalent HTML entities with TronReplacer. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    The initial text and tags are returned from a string with an HTML excerpt with the help of Cut HTML string. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PHPPolygen accesses the Polygen Web services API server and send request to generate a phrase using rules of grammar with a given name. Currently the Polygen API provides grammars for several topics in the Italian language. The generated phrase can be retrieved and returned as text or HTML-formatted string. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Lipsum accesses the Lipsum Web services API Web server to submit a request to retrieve text content with a given number of words, paragraphs, lists or characters. HTML tags can optionally be added to the retrieved text. Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    Chaos takes a specification string that defines the sets from which will be picked the characters that will compose the random string to be generated. The script supports sets such as lower and upper case letters, lower and upper case vowels and punctuation. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The color and font of the text can be specified as a parameter in insert_text_to_image. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Verification provides different functions that can verify if a text string can be a valid value of certain type. E-mail addresses, URLs, alphanumberic values, numeric values, phone numbers, IP addresses or non-empty strings can be validated. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Convert Integer to Farsi can spell numbers between 1 and 999999999999999. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Checksum can generate a checksum from a list of parameters and values to be passed in links using a private constant key value. It can also determine if a checksum is valid for a given list of parameters and values. A time range can be defined so that the checksum is only valid if the current time is within that ...
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    The Funny Turnaround Class converts the characters of a text string to HTML entities representing Unicode characters that will appear as if rotated 180 degrees. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    The text files are checked for opened and closed curly brackets. Check Curly Braces can display a summary of the brackets that open and the line where they close, also with the column number. Very useful with large files. Use Check Curly Braces with source files written in php, java, javascript, c, c++, python, perl. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This PHP script is created to retrieve an HTML document from a web server to clean the document by removing white spaces, NUL and escape characters, JavaScript and style section definitions. Parse an HTML document and then return an hierarchy of tag objects. Magic HTML Parser can also be used to traverse the parsed document hierarchy to extract the keywords ...
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    The title, text, e-mail address and IP address of the submitter are taken as arguments. Flood Assassin analyses the supplied arguments according to several built-in rules and returns an array with an overall score that can be used to determine whether the message should be treated as spam. The result array also details how the message scored in different types ...
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    E-mail addresses, IP addresses, hexadecimal RGB color definitions, hexadecimal, integer and floating point numbers, and user names with only letters can be validated with CheckRegExp. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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