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    File Scope Replacer is meant to find and replace data in files.The replacer class takes a text data value to be found as well the replacement text. It scans files from a given directory to find and replace the specified data.The replacer class may either scan all files or just the ones that match a given regular expression. It may ...
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    Alternate text is meant to extract a random text string from a string that defines a set of possible combinations of words. It is supposed to be used to generate variations of a message that can be refreshed dynamically.Just try this combination definition "(hello|bye(world|(sweet|)home|moon)" to see the multiple variations of text strings that the script generates.
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    MP Chinese Word Segmentation can segment Chinese text using the maximum probability (MP) approach. Some ambiguity mistakes can be avoided. It can also provides simple support for segmenting English within Chinese text.
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    TxtCrypt can encrypt a file and insert the encrypted data into a regular text file in such way that it does not change the way the text file appears. The encrypt algorithm is simple but it can be replaced by another more robust algorithm.To hide the encrypted data within a text file without changing how it appears, the data is ...
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    Show a textarea with text from database you can change.
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    PHP Figlet is meant to draw text strings that are outputted as lines of text using ASCII art characters.The text lines that represent characters are defined in simple ASCII art font files. The class comes with one sample font. Many other fonts are available or you can make your own.PHP Figlet can be used for displaying errors, printing messages to ...
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    GrWebLang is meant to manage and retrieve translations of texts of multiple idioms that can be used in a site or other type of application. It can store in its variables the translation texts associating them with a given identifier.An application can retrieve the translation of a text to any of the support idioms by specifying the text identifier and ...
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    Text Encrypter is meant to encode data as text so it can be passed between page scripts for instance in the URL of links.Text Encrypter uses salt data to be able to detect whether the data has been altered eventually by malicious users during the passages of the data.
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    This tiny class creates/formats flat tabbed text in table style for email or text document uses, inserts lines of any style and even rightbounds selected columns for better overview in the created text table.
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    html_reverse allows you to reverse htmlentities (un_htmlentities), sample: ã = ã and un_accent, sample: ã = a.
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    PHP's standard functions for upper and lower casing don't work for special chars. casespecial.php class allows you to manage uppercase, lowercase, capitalize strings with special chars too.Functions of casespecial.php: - ucfirst(),- ucwords(),- strtolower(),- strtoupper(), - capitalize(), - capitalizewords().All functions can called by reference, use the get_ functions to get a string return and your original string unchanged.
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    Man Page Lookup allows you to view man pages directly from the website. The output is formatted nicely with bold, italics, and coloured text.
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    Math Replace is meant to process text strings that contain math expressions. The class finds the math expressions, evaluates them and replaces their original text by the resulting values, returning the replaced text string.
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    JPPassClass is a simple class that can generate a random text made of characters of multiple possible characters sets. It can be used for instance to generate random passwords.The supported characters may be made of either only lower case letters, only upper case characters, only digits, or a combination of any of these three character sets.The generated random text may ...
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    Huffman Compress is intented to perform Huffman static compression on files with a PHP script.Such compression is essentially useful for reducing the size of texts by about 43% ; it is at its best when working with data containing strong redundancies at the character level -- that is, the opposite of a binary file in which the characters would be ...
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