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    ISCII Unicode Manager can be used to convert ISCII (Hindi) characters to Unicode (UTF-8) and vice-versa.ISCII (Indian Script Code for Information Interchange) is a coding scheme for representing various Indian scripts, as well as a Latin-based script with diacritic marks used to depict Romanized Indian languages.
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    RodaSpell can be used to verify and correct the spelling of a text looking up in a SQL database. Currently it can work with MySQL or SQLite databases.RodaSpell can install a database spelling table that is used to store the known words and an hash that represents the way the text is spelled. The class provides a function to add ...
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    String Searcher can be used to search for a given text in files of any size.String Searcher opens a given file and looks up for a given text string. It stops the search when the text is found or the end of the file has been reached.String Searcher can perform either case sensitive or insensitive searches.
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    Anagrams can generate anagrams from given words.It can take an input word and generate all anagrams permuting the order of its letters. Research can be pursued by 'brutal force' approach as well as filtered by rules.The resulting anagram words can be optionally saved to a file.
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    Test On Image can be used to render text on a background image. The letters of the text are made of graphics defined by separate image files.The letter image files can be loaded from a configurable directory. This way different text font images can be used.
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    ATextImage can render one or multiple lines of text on images. It can layout one or more groups of lines of text along the image. Each group of text can be aligned at the left, center, or right and top, center, or bottom of the image.Each group of text lines can be rendered with justification to the left, center or ...
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    Permutation Lower Upper can generate modified versions of a string by permuting its characters using all combinations of lower and upper case of the letters.For instance, from a string "ab" the class generates the permutations "ab","Ab","aB","AB" .Permutation Lower Upper can be useful when it is necessary to manipulate or change parts of a text string to use with functions that ...
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    Convertor text > to *.png is a simple way for making from txt images you can use your variable is the link and you get an IMAGE as ouput, so you can easy make from an eamail-adress an image, ... I've included an simpel easy "make an image script" so you can see what it do.
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    ZBZ5 Simple Localizing Tool can be used to retrieve texts for internationalized applications. The class can load texts from data files for different idioms. Then it can return the translation text for the selected idiom given the original string in English.If there is a translation data file for the specified idiom, the class uses a fallback idiom file. If the ...
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    String Buffer is meant to access and manipulate text string objects as with Java StringBuffer class and the Enumeration interface.It provides extensive support for string manipulation as well as having built-in enumeration that allows input parameters ranges to be taken care of. The advantage of this for the programmer is that it cuts down iteration code needed to be written.String ...
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    Morph engine is a small class for matching lines of a remotes file using regular expressions.This class was originally made for use with the IRCsock class. The goal is to create a system similar to mIRC's remote system.Morph engine is made to compare a text line and a list of remotes. The remotes have a type, a regular expression, and ...
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    QTool can be used to change the words to camel case.Key Features of QTool:- Replace white spaces with underscores- Convert an array of strings to a single string separated by underscores- Convert strings to names acceptable for class or namespace namesRequirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Concurrent Code Rotator can pickup a random text from multiple random alternatives. The text may be code in PHP, HTML, Javascript, etc., for instance to serve rotating advertisements.Concurrent Code Rotator uses special random number generation algorithm which allows to control the frequency and probability of appearance per working cycle.
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    Simple class for removing all punctuation and general stop words from any given search string. Stopwords and punctuation can be removed one at a time or all at once.
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    A textbox with odbc-database support.
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