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    AJAX-based Thesaurus can be used to lookup text expressions on the server a page using AJAX to avoid page reloading. It must be used in conjunction with a few Javascript libraries that submit the page body HTML content to the server via AJAX.On the server, the class parses the HTML content to lookup for known text expressions stored in a ...
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    convertor converts encodings using iconv extension. You can use it with streamed data (XML).To be honest, this is quite complex. If you need just general character set conversion, not streams, take a look at iconv or recode itself.The former version 1.1 does not depend on iconv and conversion is based on the hard coded conv tables. It supports unicode entities ...
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    Guaranix Full Text can be used to index texts for full text searching.Guaranix Full Text can build indexes of documents with support for stemming words (in Spanish or English), document idiom categorization, phrase search, etc..Guaranix Full Text can use a database as repository to store the index. Currently it supports SQLite and MySQL.
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    Obj Codec can be used to encrypt and decrypt text. It uses a password to encrypt the text. The same password must be given to decrypt the text.
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    Pictorus GIF Text is a simple class that can be used to render text as images.Pictorus GIF Text generates an image with the PHP GD library extension and renders a given text with configurable text font, foreground and background color and transparency.The resulting image is generated in the GIF format and is served as the current script output.
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    Suggester can be used to complete text typed in form text inputs using AJAX to retrieve text completion suggestions, similar to Google Suggest.The text completion suggestions are displayed as a menu below the text input that shows without page reloading.The text completion suggestions may be cached to avoid the overhead of requesting the same data from the server more than ...
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    cappypass can be use to generate text string to use as a password with random characters with certain constraints. It can generate a random text with a a given length.The text characters may be picked from several character sets. Currently cappypass uses predefined character sets that consist of: lower case letters, upper case letters, digits, several special characters.
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    ArGlyphs can be used to convert Arabic text to Unicode for rendering purposes. It takes as input Arabic text encoded using Windows-1256 character set and performs Arabic glyph joining to output a string encoded using UTF-8.The output string is no longer logically arranged, but laid out in a visual order to be read properly when formatted with a simple Unicode ...
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    Text Cat can be used to guess the language of a given text. The class reads data files that contain ranking information about characters that are most likely to be found in texts of several languages.The text being analyzed is converted to Unicode to be compared with the language character ranking data.The class returns an array of the language sorted ...
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    ArCharsetC can be used to convert a given Arabic text between different character set encodings. Currently it supports converting between character sets windows-1256, iso-8859-6 and utf-8.
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    Lucky Strike can be used to generate and manipulate random text strings. It can generate random text strings based on a specification format that determines whether the string should lower or upper case vowels and consonant letters, and even or odd numbers. It can also pick a random text or number from an array, or a semi-random value from the ...
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    Chinese Party class can be used to convert a Chinese text between two character set encodings. Currently it can convert between character set encodings between UTF-8 traditional Chinese, UTF-8 simplified Chinese encodings, Big5 and GB2312.When Chinese Party meet some special Chinese character, such as Cantonese characters that commonly used in Hong Kong or Japanese characters that included in Big5 character ...
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    Cifra class can be used to convert numbers between representation formats. Currently it can convert between the number formats: decimal (Arabic), roman, any other base.
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    UTF8 is meant to convert text encoded as single byte string encodings such as CP1251 to UTF-8 multibyte format and vice versa.UTF8 loads character set from mapping files. Please access ftp://ftp.unicode.org/Public/MAPPINGS/ to obtain the mapping files that you need.The directory from where the map files may be loaded is pre-configured in the class. Each supported character set is also pre-configured ...
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    Encrypt and Decrypt any string can be used to encode and decode text strings using basic PHP functions.It generates a random encoding key that is used to scramble the input text. The resulting scrambled text is mixed with the encoding key.The decoding process recovers the encoding key from the input text and applies the inverse of the encoding process.
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