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  1. AcronymIT
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    AcronymIT can be used to locate and process acronyms within text phrases. It can read a list of known acronyms from a file in the INI format.AcronymIT can search for the acronyms in a given text and replace them by HTML links to the respective Wikipedia pages about such topics.The links have title texts also defined in the INI file, ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    A WalkerSoftware Text Advert Exchange Script allows webmasters to exchange Text Adverts similar to Google's Adsense across their websites without the need to outlay any cash. The script owner will set a ratio for the exchange that will create an inventory which he can sell. The WalkerSoftware script is an advanced web based promotion tool that allows you to create ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    This code creates watermrk image.
  4. Inspirator
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    Inspirator is a PHP script for rotating text quotes on a page and reads a template and displays a random output from it on the page. It uses a JSON file to store data about templates, and template parts. The user can customize the template, along with the template parts, making it possible to create infinite quotes for any use ...
  5. PHP Markov chain text generator
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    PHP Markov chain text generator is a PHP script for rearranging text with the Markov method and takes an input text and creates a gibberish out of it. The Markov chain is a random process characterized as memoryless a mathematical system that undergoes transitions from one state to another.
  6. No Screenshot
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    This mod allows you to display links with user chosen anchor text (link text) for all board moderators on the front page of your forum. This is an excellant incentive for moderators as it gives them a quality link to their website using their chose anchor text for SEO purposes.
  7. PHP_Word_Cloud
    394 total visits
    PHP_Word_Cloud is a PHP library for rendering brightly colored text/tag clouds. The tag/word cloud is generated as an image, as a Base64 PNG and use an image map, links can be added for every embedded word/tag. A demo is included with the download package.Features of PHP_Word_Cloud:- Set cloud height- Set cloud width- Set used color palette- Pass the text as ...
  8. No Screenshot
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    Email/Text spoofer is a PHP email script. It can spoof email, send emails and text messages. More funcations is coming soon.Features of Email/Text spoofer:- Spoof email- Send emails- Send Text messages- Mass email sending --coming soon- Mass text message sending --coming soon
  9. No Screenshot
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    Proper nouns can extract proper nouns from texts and takes a text string and can detect which words may be proper nouns of people, entities, etc.. It uses some heuristics like the capitalization of the first word letter, the presence of people title preceeding the nouns, etc.. The script may consider consecutive proper names as a single proper name and ...
  10. No Screenshot
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    phpSyllable is a PHP script for hyphenating text and works with raw or HTML formatted text. Splits up text into syllables and/or hyphenates text according to the TeXbook language rules.
  11. CNSearch
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    CNSearch is a full-text search system, easy to install and to set. With the help of CNSearch you can perform full-text search by html, doc, rtf, pdf, txt and mp3 files, highlight the search result phrases, accumulate and display statistics for search requests. Meanwhaile, it is used on sites of such hosting-providers as Zenon, Pair, MasterHost, Caravan, etc. The system ...
  12. ReMarkable
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    ReMarkable Beta is a Markdown-like mark-up language and takes formatted plain-text and converts it into valid HTML code. It is similar to Markdown, but contains many differences. ReMarkable can be used inside PHP apps or from the command line.Features of ReMarkable Beta:- Paragraphs- Line Breaks- Headings- Automatic Title Case- Automatic Table of Contentshttp://camendesign.com/code/remarkable- Horizontal Rule / Thematic Break- Inline Formatting- ...
  13. PHPtitleCase
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    PHPtitleCase is a PHP script for converting text to title case which is capitalizing words in a sentence. The script is a port from Perl, of John Gruber's Title Case script.As the original script, it includes a list of small words which are not capped, list used and provided by The New York Times Manual of Style. 'vs' and 'v' ...
  14. KBCaptcha
    270 total visits
    This is a PHP security script that can be used to implement Captcha script which doesn't require images but works on text. With KBCaptcha, you can protect your pages with the use of Captcha, you can now have some additional security/authentication/nospam to your web pages. This script is based on the Question and Answer pattern. The Text based CAPTCHA stops ...
  15. Parsec
    134 total visits
    This PHP script is a simple contextual text parser, which allows for conditional text parsing on web page via PHP. The package comes with a demo (arithmetic parser) and documentation.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher
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