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    The PHP CLI program is used to start parallel processes in the background. The new process is set to run a given PHP script. Variable values are passed to the new process using temporary files.Requirements: PHP 5.1.2 or higher
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    SQL 2 PDF Report can be used to generate a PDF document from the results of MySQL database queries. It can execute one or more given queries and generate dump the results as HTML tables to a temporary page file.The PDF document is generated by calling a remote Web service that fetches the generated HTML page and convert it to ...
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    Simple CURL Wrapper is a wrapper around the CURL extension functions to submit HTTP requests to remote Web sites. It can submit HTTP HEAD, GET and POST requests and return the server response bodies.Simple CURL Wrapper also creates a temporary file to collect cookies, so you can perform multiple requests sending back the cookie values to the servers that have ...
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    Csession class provides you session management with timeout and applications based on temporary files.
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