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    Mrasnika's template system features such as blocks, includes, loops with or without section for empty lists, fast variable and template substitution, as well as sub-templates are supported.
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    LiteTplEngine assigns template variables to local PHP variables and includes the template PHP scripts. The output of the included template scripts is captured and returned by the class.Templates can also be processed to generate JavaScript and CSS.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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    Sever and client side caching are supported. Expose template engine can be extended with custom plug-in functions. Several plug-ins are provided to to simplify common tasks like inserting a date picker.Expose template engine also provides localization support by generating output that picks translated text from external files according to the currently selected idiom.
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    Several templates can be combined to produce the output.Key Features of Simple Template Parser:- Display the processed template as the current script output or write it to a file- Iterate over a section using loops- Evaluate conditional sections that may be nested- Output multiple columns per row in a table loop- Change color parameters in a loop
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    pg_email reads a template file to extract details about the messages to be sent such as the text or HTML contents, the recipient addresses, the subject, etc..pg_email processes the template, eventually replacing template variables inserted in the text and HTML body data. The messages processed can be sent immediately or saved to files. A log file may be updated as ...
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    Template Interface Engine joins back-end code (as business logic layer) and HTML code (known as presentation layer) which are written in separate files. Template Interface Engine implements a template engine that uses regular expressions to locate placeholder marks.Template Interface Engine supports template loops and uses event driven callback functions to set variables inside the loop sections. Outside loop sections, the ...
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    The iteration of blocks, conditional block processing and cycling of replacement values, are supported. The capabilities of the template marks can be extended with external plug-in scripts.
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    Class Template is compatible with PHPLib, but also has a few enhancements, such as file inclusion from the same template or optional blocks.
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    Simplest Template implements a template engine based on simple text replacing. It can read a template from a given file and replace specified placeholder marks by given text values.Simplest Template may also replace predefined placeholder marks for HTML page CSS file, page header, page body and page footer, by values assigned to specific class variables. The processed template is returned ...
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    ARC enables the combination of efforts like microformats with the utility of selected RDF solutions such as agile data storage, run-time model changes, standardized query interfaces, and mashup chaining. RDF enhances web site productivity and development and ARC is developed only with practical cases in mind.Installation:ARC2 introduces a static class which is all that needs to be included. Any other ...
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    The template files do not define looping logic, only variables or parameters to be replaced, to avoid using programming concepts that are not easy to understand for designers.Event driven callback functions are supported and allow customizing the template engine behavior.
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    Both template strings or files can be processed.Simple Template Parser Class uses regular expressions to find place holder marks and a callback function to replace the marks by the respective template parameter values.
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    A specified template file is read and the tags are replaced by the associated parameter values. The processed template is returned as a single string.Requirements: PHP 4.3.0 or higher
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    The template marks with variables surrounded by curly braces are replaced by the corresponding template variable values.Requirements: PHP 4.3.2 or higherLimitations: The code and the comments are in Russian.
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    Booster Template processes templates and generates PHP script files that generate the template output when executed. Template variables are defined as array, which get extracted into local variables before the compiled template script files are included.The template engine supports variables with optional modifiers, comments, including external template files, adding separate Javascript and CSS style definitions, localized text, inline PHP code, ...
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