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  1. PHPExcel wrapper for populating XLS files with user data
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    This class can be used to generate Excel spreadsheets from templates. It can load a template spreadsheet file, replace some template values and generate the merged Excel file. The resulting Excel file can be protected with a password and served as the current script output or saved to a given file. This class requires the PHPExcel classes for reading and ...
  2. PclTemplate
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    This script implements a template processing engine that uses string searching to locate template place holder tags.It can read templates from strings or files and search for template place holder tags. The place holder tags delimiters are configurable.The template tags can be used to implement conditional template section processing and section iteration loops.The processed templates can be returned as a ...
  3. OpenTBS
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    This package allows to merge OpenOffice and Ms Office templates with values, SQL and other data. OpenTBS is a plug-in for the TinyButStrong template engine. I can then open compressed documents in the format of OpenOffice or Microsoft Office and replace placeholders in the template by data which can be PHP variables, SQL queries, or other. The resulting documents are ...
  4. LQueryBU
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    Light Query Business UnitPerforms SQL and PHP business units, all together, designed to avoid large DAOs, to increase preformance, better visibility and clarity, and improvement of development time.The unit files may also contain PHP or SQL actions to execute PRE-QUERY, POST-QUERY and POST-RECORD, and PHP or SQL actions for successfull or unsuccessfull queries.- Format pre-query variables, as conditions, limit, decoding, ...
  5. Less.php
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    This process can be used to parse and process Leaner CSS (LESS) files.It can parse LESS template files and process it by reading and replacing variable values, insert mixins in class declarations that use them, evaluating operations and expand nested definitions into CSS classes. The processed CSS is returned as a string.
  6. HTMLe
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    This package implements a template engine extensible with plug-ins.The main class can process templates with marks defined by enclosing curly braces. Template marks may take attributes and eventually trigger invocation of external callback functions.The package comes with additional scripts that work as plug-ins for functions like parsing and displaying RSS feeds, highlight PHP code, etc..
  7. Haanga
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    This package is a template engine that can process Django style templates.It can parse Django style templates and compile them into PHP code that can be executed to generate the processed template output.The engines supports variable replacement, conditional blocks, loops, external template file inclusion.It also supports template inheritance by allowing to redefining a template based on another template.
  8. No Screenshot
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    A generalized parsed template caching mechanism, that can work with a variety of existing template classes. The latest version can always be found at the CachedTemplate class site, there you can download also all the examples with their respective include files and templates.New version 1.1 - includes support for PHPLIB's Template class and the use of GET query string in ...
  9. Funcational Template Manager
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    The Template engine can run its own for loops {for i; i < 3; i++, [i]<br />}. This class implements a template engine that replaces variables in files It can load a template file and process it to extract the list of template variables and replace them by template variable values. The class supports replacing variables from a given array ...
  10. Extensible Template
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    This class implements a template processing engine.It find and process tags in a template in the form of <tpl:TAG param1="value1" param2="value2" ...> block </tpl:TAG> or as in the contracted form <tpl:TAG param1="value1" param2="value2" ... />.Each tag found is processed by calling functions of the class. Therefore, the template engine can be extended by a sub-class that implements new types of ...
  11. No Screenshot
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    Incredibly easy and powerful templating class - Separate your code from your HTML. The code is extremely compact and fast. Uses regular expressions to do most of the work.This powerful class implements a template engine based on tag replacement. It can load templates from files and replace tags with template parameter values.The template tags are special HTML comments (or ACTUAL ...
  12. Chavão Template Manager
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    This class implements a template engine that replaces variables.It can read a template file and replace the assigned template variables in angle brackets with the assigned values.If the template variables are assigned to array values, the class repeats the lines with the respective template marks with each of the values of the template variables.
  13. BBcode TS
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    This class can be used as a template engine to process text with BBcode tags, similar to those used by PHPBB, and generate HTML output.It supports the BBcode tags n1, n2, n3, b, u, i, color, font, size, right, left, center, img, url, email, list, and also the tags definicja for definition, uwaga for notes, notatka for footnotes and cytat ...
  14. No Screenshot
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    This class implements a caching template processing engine.It takes a template file or string and processes it to generate a cached version that is a PHP script to be executed when the template output is processed.The engine supports replacing variables, iterate over array variables inside loops, conditional sections, include separate template files, use variable sub-strings, use object variables, use GET ...
  15. AHM Template Engine
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    This class implements template engine that uses regular expressions to search and replace template placeholder.It searches for placeholder tags that start and end with # character and have the placeholder name prefixed with $.The class replaces placeholders by values previously assigned before processing the template.It also supports iterating over sections when the template variable values are arrays with the different ...
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