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    IS Layout is a template engine that searches for place holders tags using regular expressions and replaces them with input values. The class can use templates defined specified files or takes the template text as an argument.IS Layout can replace template place holder values in the whole template or partially in sections delimited in the template with special identifiers. It ...
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    Templateze is a template engine that uses direct string replacement to process template files.Templateze supports:- Placeholder with multiple different start and end marks- Iteration over looping blocks- Substitution of place holder with data from additional files
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    AuriumForm can output HTML forms with fields of all the standard types. You just need to set the configuration of the attributes of each field in an array.AuriumForm can be easily enhanced to support add new input types. It also supports aliases to minimize the code that needs to be written to use the class.The presentation of each field can ...
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    Form Maker can be used to generate Web forms for editing database table records. It can define form fields using SQL queries to retrieve value and parameters to configure the fields definitions.Form Maker can be used to build forms with the need of passing HTML explicitly or using templates. Currently it uses ADODB to access a database but the interface ...
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    DCC::QuickSite Pro is a set of classes that works as a site generation backend engine. It supports template processing, page caching, gzip compression, logging and virtual URI parsing.
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    Another modified version of CDI's Fast Template with new 'clean' code and some neat features.
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    PDF Generation class. Uses an XML input file w/ simple substitutions to generate a PDF document.
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    Template engine for PHP that allows to store your html code apart from your php code. It was tested with php 3.0.11.Features of XTemplate:- Simple variable interpolation ( {STUFF} )- Array variable interpolation for eg. {ROW.ID} {ROW.NAME} {ROW.WHATEVER}, you assign an array to the variable ROW once- Global PHP variables available without making assigns for eg. {PHP.HTTP_HOST} {PHP.PHP_SELF} or any ...
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    PHP-Lib-Xtreme is a package containing many object oriented PHP classes and is available under the GNU Lesser License. Ithas theaim to make a complex but also simple library available.Here is a list of all modules:- BB-Code-Class- Mime-Mail-Class- File-Class- FSocket-Class- General Functions- Http-Socket-Class- Message-Handler-Class- MYSQL-Class- PHP-Mailer-Class- POP3-Mail-Class- Session-Code-Class- SMTP-Mailer-Class- Template-Parser-Class
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    IZI Filemanager is a very extensive filemanager. Functions of IZI Filemanager:- Templates (skins) - Slick design =] - browse through directories (duh) - create new folders- upload files - rename files/folders - delete files/folders - download files - download complete folders - view textfiles - view images - stream / preview audio files and movies - show hexdump of files ...
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    EasyTPL - Easy Template is a PHP class for developing a web site, separating PHP code and HTML documents. Dynamic blocks are autodetected and ready for usage instantly after defining templates. It allows pasting HTML parts into TAGS. etc. It is ment to be easy.
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    The PHP Report classes are used to create html report pages from a generic result set array. A result set is any array you can came up with. That usually means the result of a sql query, and normally it is not ready for display. The classes here are used to parse that result using HTML templates. Sometimes you need ...
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    A basic HTML resume template in PHP. You enter your information into PHP arrays and it generates a valid XHTML 1.1 resume with CSS styling. HTML Resume Template will also produce a plain text version. See web site for example.
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    This phpWebSite 0.8.2 module is a good starting point for those wishing to make modules for phpWebSite. It is fully commented and very comprehensive.
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    PHP MicroTemplate provides an extremely fast, lightweight templating system for HTML and other text-based documents. Like FastTemplate and its many clones, MTPL supports nested blocks and looping. However, the entire implementation is done without a single regular expression.The PHP interpreter is leveraged for its built-in variable interpolation, and explode() is used to separate block markers from content using a simple ...
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