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    Nested Nodes Class can be used to manage hierarchies of records stored in MySQL database tables.Features of Nested Nodes Class:- Works on any existing MySQL table provided that the table has three mandatory fields for the record id , position and order- Support adding, updating and deleting nodes and the respective children- Display the hierarchies as HTML nested lists or ...
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    Hyena Template Engine is a template engine that compiles templates into PHP scripts. It loads template files and replaces the marks by PHP code defined in a separate script.The compiled template is stored in a PHP script file of a given directory to avoid the overhead of recompiling template files that have not changed. The compiled PHP script can be ...
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    This template can display content in the form of HTML, PHP, and TEXT on the main page. I use this type of template for most of my websites. It is simple and fast, and easy to use. Just copy and paste into any PHP page.
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    The php-arapi library is an extension for PHP4 and PHP5 for integration to BMC Remedy AR System. The library currently supports data operations.php-arapi uses Remedy Template Library to access BMC Remedy AR System. The library allows you to access AR System either through function calls or via classes.Functions of php-arapi library:- arapi_initialization(,, ), class construcor- arapi_termination()- arapi_setserverport( ,,)- arapi_createentry(,)- arapi_setentry(,,)- ...
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    Template class that can output into a string or a file.- {{VARIABLE}} in template is defined either by setting value or by setting constant- Any text that you associate with a link may be changed before the page is parsed- Change template on the fly by setting variable without setting new object- Shrinks file size- Very simple and fast
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    x64 Feeds Generator can generate feeds in different formats by using templates. Some of the current supported feeds formats are: RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3.The feeds are generated by passing data that is commonly used by the different feeds, making easier to generate the feeds without having to change the code. Also, the generated feeds can ...
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    PSPCooker is a new template engine for PHP, that mimics Sun's JSP functionality. External template files (static HTML files) are compiled into PHP files when requested.Then and on subsequent requests, the generated PHP files are executed. PSPCooker is able to detect when a HTML source file has been modified and will recompile the associated PHP file automatically.
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    phpManta is a suite of PHP classes, scripts and examples intended to help PHP programmers writing stable PHP websites and applications. Mdoc is a new auto-documentation tool to create manuals like PHP manual at php.net web site, so in a style common to the PHP community and is very efficient to share your code as APIs. Mdoc parses the PHP ...
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    PHPOOT is a template engine.Features of phpoot:- PHPOOT uses the "var" attribute of an html element in the template to show model data.- The template for PHPOOT is a XHTML document without special tags as control stracture.- So, the template can be written using normal html editor.- The model data for template is Array, which can contain Array, String and ...
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    Simple HTML form creation is meant to create HTML forms by outputting the HTML tags of its elements one by one. It can be more useful in combination with template engine classes.
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    ctlTpl is template class with nn complex syntax to learn - just pure PHP. I would be very thankful if someone, who knows other popular template engines (like Smarty) could benchmark this.
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    FileReplace is a small class created to do signal's replacements, using a template file.
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    Extends PEAR-Templates for new input-tags. Use extIntegratedTemplate extending the IntegratedTemplate-class from pear to let you use a new html-tag. this brings a popup-calendar to choose a date.
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    Features of tplTemplatez:- Easy to use- Very effective in hiding or showing blocks- No code or special instructions in template, just defining blocks- Ability to parse nested blocks
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    Yet Another Template is simple and very useful template class. It has support for tree-likes nested dinamic blocks and multiple directories for html templates.
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