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    Package of a class and scripts to handle the inventory of products. In this case the products are CDs (Compact Disks) but you can use with other types of products.Inventory classes is based on Mysql DB and uses of FastTemplate optionally.
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    A template file is parsed and variable place-holders are replaced with values of global variables with the same name.The processed template is sent as body of an HTML message. Any images and CSS files are automatically processed and included in the message as attachements.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Flow Chart can be used to generate questions for an help desk support service work flow. it uses a MySQL database pre-loaded with questions to ask users requesting support in an help desk service. The database also contains the possible answers that are expected.Depending on the answers provided by the users, the class determines the next step, which can be ...
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    Features of Free PHP Recipes Plug-n-Play Website Script:- Plug-n-Play website. - Easy installation (partially using BigDump). - Easy to configure website. - Easy to modify template. - Over 38,000 recipes in over 50 categories. - Searchable database. - Search Engine Friendly. - Pre-made Logo PSD file. - Contextual Advertisement Ready with Privacy Policy.
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    Business directory script that is fully configurable and compatible with the SMARTY template engine.Unlimited category and membership levels. Accept payments through Paypal IPN. 100% localization with a built in language translation system. Radius postal code search. Supports multiple site design templates.
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    Dynamic Page is a simple class that can process HTML templates with special comments. It searches for comments with a give name in the template and replaces them by given content data.The code is easy to customize to suit your needs.Requirements:PHP 5.0
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    Tag Clouds can be used to manage and generate tag clouds from tags stored in files. It can open a file that contains a serialized array of tag words and the respective weight.Tag Clouds add more words to a cloud and update the tag cloud file. The tag cloud is rendered using a given template string to represent each tag ...
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    Template class is a very easy to use yet powerful and quick template engine.Template class enables you to separate your page layout/design from your code. It can handle simple variable replacement and table building using two dimensional arrays and/or MySQL result sets (Meaning that given a single row in the template, this class can build an entire table of data).Performance ...
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    2BGal is a PHP/MySQL script that allows you to publish photos, albums and sub-albums. Most of updates can be applied with the web single administrator interface.This script is easy to use, lightweight and packed with only useful features. Others functionnalities can be added with modules integration.The gallery design is defined with PHPLib templates (default : HTML 4.0 or XHTML 1.0).Features ...
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    Easily setup a links directory. One page installer, supports unlimited layers of topics and sub-topics, friendly URLs, full text search, skinning and templates, super fast editing via AJAX for admins, user submissions and RSS feeds.
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    The PHP Pagemill is a lightweight, configurable template engine for web applications. It provides a simple way to separate logic and design, as is typically done in applications that use the MVC design pattern. Although it is not a complete framework like Smarty or Symfony, it is designed to be configurable and extendable. Developers can use it as a foundation ...
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    The purpose of this library is to offer a structured way to generate XHTML markup from PHP, without the traditional interleaving of PHP chunks, HTML chunks and echo statements all over. HoinP is an intermediate concept between templating systems (I don't like the paradigm) and PHP DOM extensions (over complicated for the purpose). It will fit well in MVC designed ...
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    Orange and greens to match the faerie banner at the top, navigation links are buttons and the post buttons roll over to match the navigation menu. Homemade user CP at top as well as an area for news or topics_anywhere mod.UPDATED:Now for phpBB 2.0.21!
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    Adds vertical ranks to your forum template. The rank is displayed next to users avatar on the viewtopic page. Mod takes less then a minute to install. UPDATED:Added a rank set to the file and fixed a small cosmetic error.
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    Simple Template Engine implements a simple template engine that works by replacing text.Simple Template Engine can read a template file into a string. Then it searches and replaces all occurrences of the template place holder marks with the values of one or more template arguments.
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