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    Extended PHP Mailer can compose and send e-mail messages with support for defining the message body text from a template file.Extended PHP Mailer can send text or HTML messages. The messages may have attached one or more attached files. It may also encode the text of the headers and body in several character sets to be sent according the e-mail ...
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    The template system is simple, fast and easy to use.
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    Email Sender class is meant to compose and send e-mail messages based on text templates.Email Sender class sends a message to the specified address and replacing the text template placeholders with the values of the current PHP script global variables.
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    MBTemplate Class loads templates from files and uses regular expressions to search and replace template placeholder tags by the respective parameter values.MBTemplate Class variable is used to store the processed template output and can be displayed as part of the current script output.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Envia Email is a simple class that can compose and send HTML messages with content defined in template files.Envia Email can read a template file and replace placeholder marks with given parameter values. The composed message is sent as HTML, given the message subject, sender and recipient addresses.
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    SpoolTemplate (SpTpl) is a report system based on templates. It allows to build reports from database queries using just few lines of code.Main Features of SpoolTemplate:- Based on XML configuration files (each report has its own configuration files)- To build a single report it requires few lines of PHP code as it is mainly based on the configuration files- Output ...
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    CSS styles are supported and any tag can be added, even custom ones. You can create a single 'layout structure' and it can handle dynamic col and row spans, changing in the number of columns, and even supports creating tables inside tables.Class.Table has been used in production use to speed up development of intensive reporting features. The class was found ...
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    Smarty and MIME message integration wraps around Smarty and MIME message class by Manuel Lemos, and prepares the body and headers of the messages to send. Several message options can be set at once by passing an array of option values.Currently it supports options to define HTML or text message template files, the sender, recipient, bounce and reply names and ...
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    Dataproducer, available for php,java servlets and asp is used to seperate the presentation layer from the data layer in web applications. With it you can specify single and multiple row tags inside a html template, which are then replaced with data that you specify. Please note this is the first version of the class and features little error handling. More ...
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    Smarty Calendar can generate a calendar of a given month and year using a Smarty template to define the calendar output.Smarty Calendar shows each month is broken down into weeks. These weeks are then easily displayed using a Smarty templates. The generated calendars include a form with select inputs to let the user browse a range of years and months.
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    Regular expressions are used to parse and process template place holder parameters.Key Features of DirecTemplate:- Loops within template blocks iterating over multiple values of a template parameter- Conditional template blocks- Transform template parameters using template functions with the same names of built-in PHP functions- Assigning parameter variables within the templates- Displaying sets of data split in multiple pages- Plug-ins to ...
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    Template based Email sending can be used to send HTML messages. It uses a configurable template file to define the HTML message body.Template based Email sending replaces template marks with the respective argument values and sends the message. The sender name, sender e-mail address, recipient address and the message subject are required parameters.
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    Flexible Template Engine loads templates that are PHP scripts that are executed to compose the page output.Template marks can be replaced with custom variable values. The generated output maybe compressed with gzip algorithm to generate small pages.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Articles can be added, edited and deleted from a MySQL database table. News Script can also display individual news articles using an external template script.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The default example uses CDs (Compact Disks), but other types of products can also be used. Inventory can optionally use FastTemplate.
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