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    Send messages via SMTP can be used to send e-mail messages via SMTP connections.There is one class that takes care of establishing a TCP socket connection to send and retrieve data through that socket. There is another class that establishes a connection with an SMTP server using the socket class.Send messages via SMTP can send a message an SMTP server ...
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    Bouncer Query can establish a TCP/IP connection with a remote server of a given IP address using a bouncer server to relay the connection.Bouncer Query establishes the connection with the bouncer server using the supplied user name and password. Then you can send commands to the remote server using this connection with the bouncer server.
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    Source RCON Class implements a TCP based client that acts as a remote console - RCON - class for sending commands to control game variables of Counter-String Source and other games using a Source Dedicated Server - SRCDS.
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    Allow to read ModbusTCP compatible devices direct with PHP without third package.
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    UD Server Status is a simple class that can determine the status of a TCP server by attempting to establish a connection. It returns the name of an icon image file that reflects whether the given server status is up or down.
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    Simple TCP Daemon lets you write Simple daemons.Features of Simple TCP Daemon are:- Support running as inetd/standalone app- Validate commands and handle commands through callbacks
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    TCP Ping can check the connectivity of several types of TCP servers by sending by sending NOOP (NO OPeration) commands.It supports to several types of common TCP protocols like http, ftp, smtp, pop3. It can be extended to support other protocols.
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    Chat let the users chat with other users of the domain without using sockets programming or custom TCP/IP protocols for its communication.Chat still has the capabilities of other chat programms like chat room creation, changing to another room, etc.. This is a flat file based chatting class. It uses a MySQL database to store information about the chat users and ...
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