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  1. PHP sockets
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    This PHP script can be used to access remote servers using HTTP sockets. It is formed from different functions that creat a socket and establish a TCP connection to a remote server.The script also send and receive data from the remote server and closing the connection when done.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    It listens for TCP connections on a specified IP address and port. When a client browser connects to the specified port, the class handles the connection request, forks a new process to retrieve request data, parse the request, and generates the response. Currently it can handle requests for static files or requests to be handled by PHP scripts. The class ...
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    Simple Scan is a simple TCP port scanner class that can scan given port and store results in object variables.
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    sendmail provides a sending message via connecting to smtp setver (TCP).
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    Valve RCON can establish a TCP or UDP connection to a game server that supports the Source RCON protocol and authenticate as an authorized user.Commands can be sent to remote servers in order to control the games. Valve RCON is an updated version of the original class by the same author to use PHP 5 features and also support UDP ...
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    SOCKS 5 can be used used to hide the origin of the TCP connection from the remote host.
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    SStatus attempts resolve a given server host name and connects to several TCP ports of a given remote server. Currently it checks the ports: 21, 22, 23, 25, 79, 80, 110, 118, 443 and 3306.The success of the host name resolution and each port that is checker are displayed.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    floSocket can be used to implement simple TCP socket server connections. It can listen to TCP connections to a given IP address and port.When a new connection requested or closed or new data arrives to the specified TCP port, it can invoke configurable callback functions to let the behavior of the TCP server script be customized.floSocket handles connection events by ...
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    SuperSocket listens for TCP connections on multiple ports, originating from different IP addresses.SuperSocket starts a loop that handles socket events and calls optional callback functions that may be used by applications to implement TCP servers.Requirements:PHP 4.0.7 or higher
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    IMAP can be used to access mailboxes stored in mail servers accessible via the IMAP protocol. It accesses IMAP server using TCP socket connections without using the PHP IMAP extension.Functions of IMAP:- Establishing IMAP server connections- Authenticating- Opening named mailboxes- Retrieving message headers and body parts- Delete and undelete messages- Creating, renaming and deleting mailboxes- Listing and searching mailbox messages- ...
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    A TCP socket connection to an HP printer with JetDirect support is established and a control message instructing the printer to show a specified text on the LCD display, is sent.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Client and Server Socket can be use to implement generic TCP/IP clients and servers. It can create client and server sockets for connections using TCP and UDP protocols under IPv4, IPv6 and UNIX domain.The client class can establish connections to a given address and port, send and retrieve data. The server class can accept connections to a given local port.There ...
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    Portscan is a simple class that can be used to check whether TCP/IP ports are opened for connection. It attempts to connect to a given port of a machine in the Internet with a given IP address.Portscan returns the information of whether the machine accepted the connection within a given timeout period. It comes with a separate script with a ...
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    Simple Server provides an interface for implementing TCP socket servers by handling the connections, sending and retrieving data to the clients that connect to the server.Simple Server has the ability buffer the data received from the clients. The data may be returned to the calling script in smaller chunks split by a given divider character sequence.Simple Server is convinient for ...
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    Qserv can be used as a base to create TCP socked based networking servers. It can handle connection requests and calls event handling functions that maybe overridden by subclasses to implement server application specific behavior.Qserv provides the event handling functions: onincomming, onaccept, onclose, onstart, onshutdown and onstartlisten. Alternatively, it can also call application defined callback functions to handle server events.
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