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    Replaces the UBB tags listed below with HTML tags, and vice versa. It also keeps the line feeds in the text and removes all HTML tags.UBB Tags:[b]...[/b] bold[i]...[/i] italic[code]...[/code] source code[img], [/img] images[quote]...[/quote] blockquote[url]http//www.link[/url] links[url=http//www.link]name[/url] links[email]me@home.de[/email] email link[email=me@home.de]name[/email] email linkAdditional Tags:[u]...[/u] underline[center]..[/center] center[color=name]...[/color] colorsFUNCTIONS of UBBCode:function encode($str)function decode($str)function strip($str)function listCodes()
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    highlighting_skipphtml can be used to highlight words in of text in HTML. Matches in the html tags will be skipped.
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    tag classes takes an HTML tag that has an open and a closing tag, like for instance or foo bar, and breaks it down for easy editing.tag classes can also regenerate an HTML tag from its definition of the markup, attributes and content, eventually after it has been parsed and edited.
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    Emoticon is a simple class that can replace sequences of text characters used to represent emoticons by the HTML tags of the corresponding image icons.It can be used in applications that present any type of text messages like forums, chats, chatter boxes, comments, guestbooks, webmail, etc..
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    html.class.php is a simple class to compose and output HTML document by calling functions of the class to define the document HTML tags.The details of the HTML tags are passed as parameters of the class functions.html.class.php provides functions to define HTML tags for the most common purposes, such as:- Paragraphs- Text formatting- Tables- Links- Forms- Images- Frames- Document structure and ...
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    ID3 Tag Reader can extract informations like artist, album, year, gender, track, etc. from MP3 audio files. You can use it to help creating a site to download or present audio tracks in MP3 format.Notice: ID3 Tag Reader only read ID3v2 tags, not ID3v1.
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    MP3 ID3v1.1 TAG Utilities allow you to parse mp3 and ID3 tags.
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    MP3 ID3v2 Tag class allows you to read id2v2 frames of mp3 files.This classalso read id3v1 tag and mpeg frame.
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    Easy creating of pdf documents with a set of own elements and attributes like page, path, line, etc. The pdfTag-class creates,with help of the PDFlib, small pdfs in a short time.
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    MTG PHP is a PHP script for generating HTML META tags that can be used in your HTML document.
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