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    Clean XML To Array can be used to parse XML documents. It parses the XML document from a file or string, and builds an nested array with nodes for each document tag.
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    cal_TagCloud can be used to generate a tag cloud from an array of tags. It takes an array with a list of tags and generate the cloud considering the number of times each tag appears in the list.cal_TagCloud outputs a piece of HTML with links with the tag names pointing to pages with more detail about each tag.The presentation of ...
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    Overall Tag View can be used to extract and display specific tags from HTML pages of given sites.Overall Tag View retrieves the contents of a given site page and parses it to extract the list of tags with a specified type. By default it retrieves tags.The extracted tags are returned in an array. Overall Tag View may also display a ...
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    phpizer can be used to load and adapt a class according to the PHP version that is currently running.phpizer loads a given class script file and preprocess the code to make PHP version dependent adjustments.phpizer looks for special tags of the form %PHP# in comments of the class file to load. If the number in # matches the current PHP ...
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    HTML SAX Parser can parse HTML documents using regular expressions to split the document character data, the begin and end tag elements.For each type of elements, HTML SAX Parser call custom callback that can do any type of processing. The callback functions may bu global or be functions of a class of a given object.
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    HTML Data Parser can be used to parse HTML files to extract its structure of tags and data.There is a class that can parse HTML files and strings and build an array of elements with all the tags and text data that is found.There is another class that extends the base parser class to parse template files and extract the ...
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    mk_t2h class allows you to process input HTML code.Features of mk_t2h:- parse input text and return HTML tags information- delete unsafe tags and parameters (highly configurable)- replace URLs with links- e-mail addresses anti-spam encoding- replace defined [%variables]- mk_html_special_chars() - improved htmlspecialchars() with HTML entities support- mk_replace_by_index() - improved strtr() with case ignoring option- mk_ereg_filter() - improved ereg_replace() with callback function ...
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    BS XHTML Valid can be used validate HTML that is XHTML compliant and remove tags and data that are not accepted.BS XHTML Valid can parse the HTML data as a XML document and traverse it to verify whether it complies with a list of rules that define acceptable tags and data.BS XHTML Valid can delete forbidden and duplicate tags and ...
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    YapBB's Bulletin Board Tags class, YBBtags can process texts for you in a way which is familiar to visitors of online discussion boards ('forums').YBBtags supports processing of code, php, quote, simple markup, urls, emoticons, lists, images, irc's /me, de-html-izer
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    Tona Smileys is meant to replace smiley tags with images defined in a table of a MySQL database.
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    QTag can build a nested structure of tag objects that define the contained tags, data and tag attributes.The tag object structure can be traversed recursively in order to generate all the tags and the contained data and tags structure.Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Places a normal or special body-tag. Special tag updates the parent window and closes automaticaly.
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    XML Dropper is meant to be used in the composition and generation of XML 1.0 documents. It works by recursively opening tags that may contain more tags and text. XML Dropper keeps track of open tags, transparently escapes text, and provides a shortcut to end finished documents to generate the complete XML document output with text encoded using UTF-8.
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    Extends PEAR-Templates for new input-tags. Use extIntegratedTemplate extending the IntegratedTemplate-class from pear to let you use a new html-tag. this brings a popup-calendar to choose a date.
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    Table Element generates HTML tables just by defining the contents of the table cells. All the attributes of the HTML tags (table, tr and td) can be set using the class functions, including the attributes for defining the table elements event handling Javascript code.The contents of the cells can be defined specifying the cell row and column coordinates. If there ...
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