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    HTML Sanitizer takes a string with HTML code and strips all the tags that do not make part of a list of safe tags. That list of safe tags is defined as a private class variable. There are some functions to allow usually unsafe tags like script, style, object, embed, etc..Unsafe tag attributes, such as JavaScript ones for event handling, ...
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    Data Displayer is meant to display arbitrary data or data from database query result in various formats such as reports, grids and catalogs. Data Displayer is suitable for generating catalog products (shopping chart).Features of Data Displayer:- Pagination of long listings of data- Convert URLs into HTML links- Convert image strings to HTML image tags- Add other types of page elements ...
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    The letters of a text string are traversed and HTML code with image tags, which display the text as graphics, is generated.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    RSS_Parser checks for valid XML, but not for correct tags.
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    HTML Class is similar to the HTML::Element Perl module.Key Features of HTML Class:- Ensures proper nesting of HTML tags (especially with emacs),- XHTML (XML) compliant. If the constant XHTML is defined, XHTML conforming tags are returned, otherwise the generated tags are compliant with HTML 4.- Variable number of content arguments for all tags, not only containers.- Can NOT do tag ...
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    ULCSS multilevel menu can create multilevel menu in HTML that are compatible with all browsers, even text browsers. It uses DIV, UL and LI tags to position the menu items in conjunction with CSS styles.ULCSS multilevel menu does not need Javascript when using Mozilla Firefox or Opera browsers. To work with Internet Explorer it generates 10 lines of Javascript code.
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    Tag Cloud can be used to generate HTML tag clouds from lists of tags. It takes an associative array with the tags and the respective numeric weight.Tag Cloud generates HTML for the tag cloud in the form of links pointing to a URL based on each tag name. The size of the tag text font is adjusted automatically according to ...
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    CSS styles are supported and any tag can be added, even custom ones. You can create a single 'layout structure' and it can handle dynamic col and row spans, changing in the number of columns, and even supports creating tables inside tables.Class.Table has been used in production use to speed up development of intensive reporting features. The class was found ...
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    Dataproducer, available for php,java servlets and asp is used to seperate the presentation layer from the data layer in web applications. With it you can specify single and multiple row tags inside a html template, which are then replaced with data that you specify. Please note this is the first version of the class and features little error handling. More ...
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    BBEngine can find and replace BBCode marks and replace them with HTML tags. It can also do the opposite by converting HTML to equivalent text with BBCode marks.The conversion can be done by custom PHP code. New BBCode tags with definitions stored in a database can be used to extend the list of supported tags.Key Features of BBEngine:- Direct Words: ...
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    A nested associative array can be traversed and an XML document can be generated. The array entry indexes are used to define the XML tag names. The array entry values are used to define the XML tag data.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    simple XML builds an hierarchy of objects that represent each XML document node. XML tag node objects have variables that reference document child nodes.simple XML uses the Expat parser built in every PHP version, so it does not need any other special extensions. It implements the functions found in PHP5's SimpleXML for PHP4.
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    Id can parse any MP3 file and extract ID3 tags containing the artist, title, album, genre, year or track. It can update the MP3 file to write new values to the ID3 tag.Requirements:PHP 5.2 or higher
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    PHP Tag Cloud builds a list of words from an associative array with multiple words that is passed to the class constructor. It may also add individual words later.Each word is associated to a weight. The weight defines the relative size of the words in the tag cloud. The words can be shuffled in order to return them randomly in ...
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    XML can also generate XML documents from nested arrays that define the document tag structure.XML can load XML documents from files or text strings. It turns the document tags into keys of a nested associative array. The resulting array is stored in a class variable.XML can also generate an XML document from an array with the document structure. The document ...
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