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    BSP - Bad Simple Parser can take a text string with BBCode marks and convert it to HTML tags. Recognized HTML tags can also be converted to the equivalent BBCode marks.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A document is read until a specified limit and a given tag is search for.simpleTagReader can find either a single tag or all tags in the document. It returns respectively the content of the tag or an array of values with the content of all tags found.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    HTML Tag Maker was designed so that it can easily be used in conjunction with other specific HTML element generating classes.
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    HTML Count searches a document for the HTML tags using a given regular expression. The document can be a file that is available locally or remotely.The tags and the number of occurrences can be outputted in an HTML list.
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    The comments, data, tags, attributes and attribute values of the input document are styled using CSS.
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    Several galleries with thumbnail and real-size images, as well as information fields such as title, text, size, tech, date and price, can be displayed.phpRealGallery should be embedded in the body tag of an HTML file. It produces valid XHTML 1.0 code.
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    Table Maker has been developed so that generating tables can be achieved with the minimum of commands.Requirements: HTML Tag Maker class
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    ezhtml features debugging Helper, meta tag helper, fast html page building, changing query_strings, "folders" fold parts of the page away, div helper.
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    XML_Array class can be used to store and retrieve the contents of an array from a XML document. It can traverse a multidimensional array and generate the a XML document using the array entry keys as XML tags and the array entry values as tag data.XML_Array class can also do the opposite operation, parsing a XML document to build an ...
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    With 1 parameter change, it will render all of the HTML tags as XHTML, provided all of the tags are HTMLTagClass objects.External CSS links, JS links, page title can be added through the provided hooks. This class makes rendering complete HTML pages easy in a programmatic way.
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    Generic Form class can generate the form start and end tags from a list of parameters set using class variables like the form id, name, action, method, encoding type and events.Basic input tags can also be generated from a list of parameters set by class variables like the input id, name, type, CSS style, value, disabled and read only options.Requirements: ...
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    The colors to the left and right can be configured. An image tag like <img src="fadebar.php=width"> with its width specified in the url can be used.
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    CRIOSWEB_HTMLCleaner can be used to remove unwanted tags and data from HTML document. It takes a string with the HTML document to clean and parses it assuming a given character set encoding.CRIOSWEB_HTMLCleaner can perform several types of clean-up operations like:- Removing style definitions- Remove tags or attributes based on white lists or blacklists- Use the HTML tidy extension to clean ...
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    CriosWeb HTML Cleaner takes a string with the HTML document to clean and parses it assuming a given character set encoding. Several types of clean-up operations can be performed.Key Features of CriosWeb HTML Cleaner:- Removing style definitions- Remove tags or attributes based on white lists or blacklists- Optimize code (merge inline tags, strip empty inline tags, trim excess new lines)- ...
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    XML child provides means to compose XML documents by adding tags, tag attributes and character data. After composing the document, its output can be generated as a single text string.
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