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    To administrate data has to be efficient and easy to handle. If you consider for example a publishers company with several authors who have written different books it makes no sense to present the data on different web pages. That's not lucid. PHP and MySql programming and a cross table can help you out. The cross table holds the id-data ...
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    Nested Nodes Class can be used to manage hierarchies of records stored in MySQL database tables.Features of Nested Nodes Class:- Works on any existing MySQL table provided that the table has three mandatory fields for the record id , position and order- Support adding, updating and deleting nodes and the respective children- Display the hierarchies as HTML nested lists or ...
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    Rejilla::Mysql can be used to display MySQL query results in HTML listings split in multiple pages. It executes an SQL SELECT query and generates an HTML table to display the query results.There is a base class to display the listings, and a sub-class that can perform the MySQL specific database access actions.Rejilla::Mysql supports displaying listings with links to go to ...
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    Data Grid Object can be used to display MySQL query results in HTML tables. It is based on another class originally written by Carlos Miguel Guevara.This version includes several enhancements:- The code no longer issues warnings with E_STRICT error reporting enabled- Produces XHTML compliant HTML- Present all the information in the HTML table, including pagination- Provide Javascript callback functions to ...
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    Query result table display class outputs a table with the data from the result rows of a database query.Features of Query result table display class:- Database independency (works with any DBMS supported by Metabase).- Splits the display of the result rows in multiple pages of configurable number of rows displaying automatic links to Next, Previous, First, Last, etc.. pages.- Arbitrary ...
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    Formitable is a PHP class used to ease the creation of submit-ready HTML forms from MySQL database tables. It analyzes the fields of a given table and outputs the best input type for each (e.g. enum type becomes radio buttons or select, set type becomes checkboxes or multiselect).Data is automatically inserted into the table upon form submission.Features of Formitable:- Output ...
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    MySQL PHP Grid can be used to edit and display data from a MySQL database table. It executes an SQL query to retrieve the data for the rows of a given table.The row data is displayed in an HTML table. The number of rows per page maybe limited. Navigation links are displayed to browse between result pages.The table headers display ...
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    genClass can be used to generate PHP classes to manipulate MySQL database tables.genClass can retrieve the list of fields and their data types of a given MySQL table. Then it generates a class with functions to insert, retrieve, update and delete rows of that table.The table field values are stored in class variables.
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    DataGrid can be used to display paginated MySQL query results in data grid. It renders an HTML table with listings of data retrieved results of a given MySQL query.The listings can be split between pages with a limited number of result rows per page. The column names appear as links that can be clicked to sort the listing by the ...
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    DigiOz Datagrid can be used to browse data from a given MySQL table to display it using HTML tables. It executes a SELECT SQL query to retrieve data from a given table.The data is retrieved into an array of a limited number of rows that corresponds to the current result page to display. The data is displayed in an HTML ...
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    PHP data grid class can be used to display MySQL query results in HTML tables. It executes a given SQL SELECT query and generates an HTML table defined by a template to display the query results.The results table also shows links to navigate between query result pages. The number of result rows to display per page is configurable. The results ...
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    OO Mysql Wrapper is a wrapper to access MySQL databases. It provides functions to execute SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries from parameters defined by query objects.The query objects take care of defining query table, fields, escape field values, condition clauses and the limit clause.OO Mysql Wrapper also provides functions for displaying query results as HTML tables, output debug information ...
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    13 in a dozen db class can be used to access MySQL database servers and display query results in HTML tables.13 in a dozen db class can establish database connections to a given MySQL host, retrieve server database information, execute SQL queries, retrieve the inserted identifier by the last INSERT query, get the number of effected rows by a query, ...
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    Basic MySQL Search Engine Class can be used to search for data in MySQL database table text fields. It executes one or more SQL SELECT queries to search for given keywords in different text fields of the same MySQL database table.Basic MySQL Search Engine Class returns an array with the values of primary keys of the table records returned by ...
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    XAJAX Grid can be used to edit data from SQL databases using AJAX to avoid page reloading.It generates the listings of data from SQL databases using HTML tables and Javascript generated by the XAJAX library to interact with the server to edit database data being displayed.
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