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    Rejilla query paginator renders the results of a SQL query as a HTML table. It takes the SQL query to execute and processes results splitting them in multiple pages. A method prints out navigation links (for first, last, previous, and next pages).Rejilla query paginator also generates the ordering links in the header row, allowing the user to sort, ascending and ...
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    CRUD Class takes a database table and a list of table fields and can generate forms to insert, update and delete the table records, as well list the information stored in those table records.CRUD Class supports retrieving information for storing in the table record fields from joined tables. Multiple databases are supported through separate abstraction layers.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Class Generator can be used to generate the code of object-relational mapping (ORM) classes to access MySQL database tables. It retrieves the list of fields of a given database table and generates classes with functions to create, retrieve, update and delete table records.This Generator contains a configurable interface and a reusable UI for generating different classes. Class Generator can also ...
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    Abstract SQL Table to Object provides a base class from which all classes that map database tables should inherit. The sub-class should define the table it is wrapping, the primary key field and variables to store the table field values.The base class can query the database to retrieve the list of fields of the specified table. It can also perform ...
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    Several classes are responsible with abstracting the definition and generation of HTML tags including some specialized ones for defining HTML tables: table, tr, th and td.
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    A MySQL query is executed and an HTML tabled is generated from the resulting data.Export To Excel can also generate the necessary request headers to make the outputted HTML be downloaded as file by the browser with a file name that makes the file be readable by Microsoft Excel.Requirements: PHP 3 or higher
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    Variables containing objects of other classes or arrays can be contained in the class being displayed and can be treated accordingly.
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    List page scrolling, column sorting, and in-place editing of data cells using form fields to alter the values and AJAX requests to save the changed values to the server, are supported.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Data Grid executes a given SQL query and generates an HTML table that displays the query results.Data Grid can associate a query result column with a given text that is used to display as title of the table as column header.Navigation links for spliting the query results into multiple pages, can also be generated.
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    Advanced Grid can be used to display data from MySQL database query results in an HTML table. Functions of Advanced Grid:- Retrieve data to display executing simple or joined SQL queries- Can display column values as links- Can replace field values of any column- Can have options for searching text values- Supports column sorting and results pagination- Can have a ...
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    HTML Generator Class can be used to generate HTML documents programmatically. There are several classes that abstract HTML documents and different types of HTML page elements.HTML Generator Class can define the page elements from element specific options configurable using setter functions.The classes can generate the elements HTML that is returned as a string.Currently HTML Generator Class provides classes to abstract ...
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    New AJAX Sortable can be used to display and edit data from MySQL table records in HTML table using AJAX to avoid page reloading. It generates an HTML table with data from a MySQL database .New AJAX Sortable also generates the necessary Javascript to edit the table cells and interact with the server via AJAX to be able to update ...
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    CSV Parse and Read can be used to parse and display data from a CSV file. It can open and parse the lines of a given CSV file. The data is stored in an array class variable.CSV Parse and Read may also display the CSV data in an HTML table using a separate PHP template script.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    This application will convert all data submited by an HTML form to a CSV table located in the same folder as the script. The generated CSV file follows the RFC4180 standarts and can be opened in Excel or in any other Spreadsheet software.
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    Base DB is a base class for implementing an SQL database access abstraction.Base DB provides base functions for establishing database connections, opening a database, quoting a string value, executing a query, retrieving query results as an array, listing the database tables, get the keys of a table, optimizing a table, retrieving the last error that occurred, etc..
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