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    CHtmlTable provides functions to add table rows and table data or header cells to the table definition. The content and the attributes of the table rows and cells are specified as function arguments.The previous table rows are automatically closed when a new row is started. CHtmlTable generates the table and stores the generated HTML in a class variable.
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    Table Class has been developed with ease of use in mind and only requires defining the wanted parameters.
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    Table - OO Interface implements an OO interface. Colspan, rowspan, table style, cell style, and data style may all be defined.
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    phpGrid executes an SQL query given a table name and the list of field values to display. The results may sorted and grouped by a given field. It displays an HTML table displaying the query result values. Alternated rows may have different background colors. The table header names and the color values are configurable.The listing table may have additional rows ...
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    PHP Tables consists of individual classes that encapsulate the functionality of tables, rows and cells.Objects can be composed to create and manipulate the table rows and cells, as well as generate the necessary HTML when the table contents is fully composed.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Grider can be used to visually create and edit HTML tables in the Web browser. It generates a Web based user interface for adding and removing table cells, as well increasing and decreasing the number of rows or columns that each cell takes.The user interface is generated using a set of templates that can be customized to satisfy different developer ...
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    Table cells can be located within an HTML document and the cells' data can be extracted into bi-dimensional arrays. The cell data encoded with UTF-8 can be automatically converted into HTML entities.
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    Birthday Ordering accesses a MySQL database with a table with records of users sorting the results according to the user birthday date. A listing of user names and sorted birth dates can be displayed.Birthday Ordering is used for retrieve member information according to their birthday sequence from today (current date).Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    SQL Table is meant to output SQL database query results as HTML tables. It supports displaying a limited range of query result rows per page with buttons to navigate between multiple pages in case the query returned more rows than the specified limit per page.SQL Table is tested deeply with MySQL and Microsoft SQL server but it may already support ...
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    CSV Creation executes an SQL query to retrieve all the data in a given MySQL table and generates a CSV file with the table data. The name of the CSV file is formed from the table name followed by the .csv extension and the directory where it gets saved can be configured.CSV Creation can also iterate over all tables of ...
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    SQL Data Browsing is meant to display MySQL query results in multiple HTML pages.SQL Data Browsing comes with a class for displaying query results in HTML tables and another class for displaying links to browse between all the query result pages.
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    CSS styles are supported and any tag can be added, even custom ones. You can create a single 'layout structure' and it can handle dynamic col and row spans, changing in the number of columns, and even supports creating tables inside tables.Class.Table has been used in production use to speed up development of intensive reporting features. The class was found ...
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    html table can be used to display results from a database query with different colors for each row. The JavaScript "selected rows" effect is supported.
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    Array Table can output the contents of a two dimensional array as an HTML table.Array Table can display a table with headers defined by the contents of the columns of the first row with their own color and font style. The remaining rows are displayed with configurable colors that alternate depending whether the number of the row is odd or ...
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    All cells and rows of the table are traversed and filled with the data defined in the base class.Key Features of Table wrapper base class:- XHTML compliant output- Built-in control of table, row and cell color, width, alignment, border width, CSS class and style- Split the table in several pages with a limited number of rows per page- Generate navigation ...
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