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    The table can be styled and formatted with very few lines of code with the help of StyleMenu.
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    Connection to MySQL database servers can be established and SQL queries can be executed in Osiris Core.Key Features of Osiris Core:- Change the character set- Return query results in arrays, HTML tables, or XML documents- List, optimize, create and drop database tables- Generate HTML to edit data from the database with inputs of type: text, textarea, select and checkboxRequirements: PHP ...
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    Time to generate a page or blocks can be used to measure partial time to execute parts of the current script by adding check points. Each check point may have a different name.The time it took to reach each check point can be displayed in an HTML table.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    The calendars are displayed using XHTML tables.Key Features of RCalendar:- Customizable presentation details using CSS styles- Configurable texts using separate language files- Customizable behaviour of events of the mouse associated to eachRequirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Kreatura is useful for creating an HTML page with several visual elements that should be displayed in specific places. This is often achieved by putting these elements into tables. However, creating many tables with a complex structure of row and column spans often becomes tedious and not very efficient.Tables can be built with this class by creating cells with given ...
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    Oh!DB Table Data Gateway can perform the following operations:- Execute SQL SELECT queries from list of fields of a table- Retrieve the highest or the lowest value from an integer primary key table field- Get or delete one record of a table with a given primary key value- Delete all records of a table- Delete a record from a table ...
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    Add-Edit-Delete records in a database table. Quick simple configuration and installation Has the ability to deal with different types of fields including dates, tree relationships, many to many relationships.Some support for image fields. Neutral colors mean XQTO Table Manager can be added to any website without clashing. Simple installation and configuration.
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    TableToHash can convert a MySQL table into a state-maintaining popup menu(box).
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    tablebuilder provides an easy method of building generic tables while maintaining the code clean.
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    The list of directories and files are presented in a HTML table through PHP Fancy Directory Browsing.The directories are display as links to continue browsing their contents. The files are displayed as links to show their contents depending on the file type.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    MySQL_data_table is extending data_table class which generates a html-table from a dataset array.Just set the query and execute it. The use the methods of data_table class to change layout from table.
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    While phpTable may not necessarily save you very many lines of code, it does wonders for your code consistency and syntax.The complexity of the phpTable is not limited.
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    Several table aspects can be configured through table.
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    Text that renders a bi-demensional array's data into table with aligned rows and columns, is generated.The layout can be configured with additional information that specified details like the limit width of each column, vertical and horizontal alignment of the cells of each column, the characters used to separate rows, columns and line breaks.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    You can loop over an array of colors (or colspan, or align, or whatever) by row or col an arbitrary number of times.Templates can be used in order to reuse table designs.
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