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    Print Line Table generates HTML table reports from associative arrays with data that define the header titles and the contents of the rows. Functions of Print Line Table:- Display the first row with the titles of the columns- Highlight rows with special colors when the user drags the mouse pointer over them- Display links for given pages where eventually details ...
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    The TableDataManagement class is used as an interface to manipulate data in rows of an SQL database table. Each object of the class can access individual rows of a given table.How does Table Data Management work?On initalization of a class object it obtains information about the table it is interfacing.After the initialization Table Data Management knows:- what primary keys are ...
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    sql2table is designed to provide a easy way to display mysql sql content in HTML table form with pages information and navigation link.
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    This class is meant to compose and output the contents of an HTML table similarly to the VSFlexGrid component for Visual Basic.It supports defining in a first step the contents and presentation style details of table headers and data rows like colors, alignment, width, etc.. Then in a second step it outputs the HTML of the whole table.
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    This class can be used to display MySQL database table records in an HTML table that can be sorted by dragging rows.It generates HTML and Javascript to display the records of a MySQL table in HTML table rows that can be dragged to sort the table elements.The class sends AJAX requests to send changes of the table elements to the ...
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    This script can be used to edit and save data of table columns.It uses AJAX to save the changed table cells without refreshing the current page.The changed cells are saved by backend scripts that store the updated data in server side text files.
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    DBgridShow the result of a mysql query on HTML table. The script features easy to use. Forget the boring query now. 1 line code. $grid = new DBgrid($result,'border="1"','class="titulotabla"','').
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    This tree menu PhillipiansTree creates a table (could be included in a template) from a php array (could be extract from a database). No level limitation, possibility of open or close nodes simultaneously, close all nodes, open all nodes, change colors and symbols.
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    BaseDB is the excellent oo base class for mysql interaction. worth looking at. You must use this as a base class and extend your classes which map to a table name. Your tables must have a 'id', 'created' and 'modified' field to work properly and the class takes care of the rest. check it out.
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    The script Display code can be configured to parse a directory and display all source code files with names that have one of a given list of file name extensions. The PHP code files are highlighted according to the PHP syntax. The script may also generate a table of contents to display links to the page section that list the ...
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    PHP DataGrid (AJAX Enabled) script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control. It was specially designed for web developers. The PHP DataGrid is excellent for all PHP database-driven web sites and online-based data administration; it is also useful for dynamic content management and PHP-based hosting providers.
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    The HTML and JavaScript code required to display the results of a given MySQL query in an HTML table, is generated. The generated Javascript can send AJAX requests to update the table contents when the user clicks on columns to sort the query results. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PHP MySQL Grid is a given SQL query can be executed against a specified MySQL database and the results can be retrieved in an HTML table. The rows of the table may be displayed with configurable alternate styles. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher Limitations: The comments in the class code are in Turkish.
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    Easy Weekly Calendar takes the day, month and year of a given date and generates an HTML table with the days of the week of the given day.Links for browsing to the previous and next weeks are also generated.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Data from an array can be traversed and an HTML table that display the data can be generated with Table Constructor.Table Constructor can also read data from a JSON or XML file and convert it into an array so it can also be displayed in an HTML table.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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