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    Basic Table Generator is meant to compose and manipulate the layout of tables to be outputted in HTML.It has functions to define the rows, columns, normal cells, header cells, add and remove rows or columns, split or join cells, and output the final table layout in HTML.The variables and the functions in the class code are in Portuguese
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    Meta Scanner is intended to retrieve metaData from any MySQL Server.It provides methods to retrieve information about all databases managed by a MySQL server including their tables and the respective table fields.Meta Scanner also provides a simple method called showAll that shows metaData in a simple table style representation.
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    QueryPrint class allows you to print the result of a database query as an HTML table. A separate module defines the printing. It also allows the result to be displayed on multiple pages.
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    A Class to render automagically Form Fields Html code. I use it in combination with a table that contains the fields description like type, name, javascript events, text, default options, and so.
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    MySQL Optimizer is meant to analyze, optimize or repair tables of a MySQL database.The class is capable of connecting to a given MySQL database, extract the list of names of tables, and perform one of the three operations in all tables. The results are outputted in an HTML table.
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    An easy to use PHP class to display a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file in the form of an HTML table.
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    class.LoadData.php is a class for loading data into a single MySQL table.
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    Display database table in decorated HTML Table. Gets rows from SQL select statement and displays in HTML table. Can set the colors of table cells, rows, columns and border.
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    DBtable2form reads a MySQL table and outputs a form using the best input type for each field. Very easy to get started. Includes basic form customization methods.DBtable2form is meant to give you a jumpstart on creating a custom form and save alot of HTML coding.
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    Shref Image in DB can store and retrieve binary files in a MySQL database table. It can read the data from one file, convert the data to an ASCII representation and stores it in a given a given record of a MySQL table field. Shref Image in DB can also do the opposite. It retrieves the data from a given ...
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    CSVReader is a class that can be used to parse CSV (Comma Separated Values) files. The class can also handle CSV files uploaded to a Web server using forms.The parsed files can be outputted as an HTML table.Note: Class is for Beginners
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    DB Operations is a wrapper around MySQL databases to execute most type of database SQL queries.Functions of DB Operations:- Connect to MySQL server and select database to work with- Delete records from a table using and without using the where clause- Update records of a table- Drop a table from a database- Create a table- Insert values into a table- ...
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    Db Object will allow you to work with database using classes of objects to store and retrieve the information stored in table rows.It provides separate classes for storing and retrieving data for the objects, defining the criteria and performing searches for objects and database specific drivers.Currently Db Object supports only MySQL, but can be easily extended for use with other ...
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    AutoformBQ means "automatic form By Query". It is a package to dynamically generate forms to edit or insert records into a MySQL database table.After you have successfully executed MySql query, autoformBQ processes the result set metadata and determines the columns and tables to create the form to edit an existing record or to insert the data for a new record.There ...
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    mysearch class allows you to search MySQL with many options like: Search All Databases, or just one Database, a set the Tables to search or search all tables, etc..
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