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    Mysql draws tables on the command line using 's and -'s for rows and cells - this class will draw php arrays in the same way.Also, mysqlLikeDisplay can draw tables in HTML instead - full stylesheet / border /padding configuration from class function calls -suitable for throwing data at the screen either in html or as ascii on the command ...
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    navigInTable class allows to circulate in a table on a field AUTO_INCREMENT, without being concerned with holes of classification.
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    populate_sel populates the select form field from mysql table.
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    Show interactive table representing database-values. Order-by and many other options available.
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    Class printSimpelColumns is intended for writing tables in console mode, but can also be used in connection with HTML. The printSimpelColumns is using the C style text formatting. A working example is included.
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    LSMTableGenerator can generate HTML tables from cell data and presentation details defined programatically.The table cell data is passed to the class as a two dimensional array. The generated table may present the cell data with horizontal or vertical orientation.LSMTableGenerator also supports setting the table headers, as well the border width, spacing, padding and foreground and background colors and fonts for ...
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    Table Element generates HTML tables just by defining the contents of the table cells. All the attributes of the HTML tags (table, tr and td) can be set using the class functions, including the attributes for defining the table elements event handling Javascript code.The contents of the cells can be defined specifying the cell row and column coordinates. If there ...
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    When you have a big MySQL database, you may need to optimize and eventually repair any tables that may need it. This class allows you to schedule the execution of these tasks. After the class performs the repair and optimization tasks, it saves the date and time in a file.Next time the class is called to perform those tasks again, ...
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    innodb class stores and retrieves information stored in MySQL innodb tables.
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    Miester Search class indexes multiple tables, builds dictionaries, creates btree indexes, and creates sql queries based on user input.
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    Create Forms and Tables. Multiples options.
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    cbmysql is meant to let you create, query, alter and dropping MySQL database tables, data and so on. Starting in Version 4 you have both, mysql and mysqli support.After creating an object of this class you can query and modify a MySQL database easily.The select function can be configure the return query result arrays with one or two dimensions and ...
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    swemc can connect of a MySQL database, execute SQL query and output the query results in HTML tables.Functions of swemc:- Execute select, update, insert and delete SQL queries- Output query results in HTML tables that can have their presentation customized with CSS.- Output HTML tables also customizable with CSS with the results of queries that retrieve single database table records- ...
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    View Var is a very simple class meant to show the definition of variables formatting the output with HTML tables.View Var is useful for debugging, especially with (multidimensional) arrays and objects that the class traverses using recursion to in case of arrays of objects that contain other arrays or objects.
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    Very simple class for faster building of table-rollovers (changing bgcolor for rows or cells) js-scripts.
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