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    Access Pattern Counter is meant to keep track of the count of users access to the pages of a site. The counter class can also output the current access count in an HTML table.Page accesses are considered by the remote user computer IP address only if sufficient time has passed, by default one hour. During this access window, a count ...
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    Listview can be used to generate HTML tables to display lists of arbitrary types of data that can be sorted.The data to be listed is passed to the main class in bidimensional arrays. The title of the columns of the data array is specified separately.A separate render class outputs the list as an HTML table. The titles of the columns ...
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    FlexiReport generates tabular HTML reports from database data.It supports nested levels, sub-reports, and totals.The presentation details are configurable using CSS stylesheets.The output is configurable to allow formatting of individual fields: uppercase, percent, currency, decimal, date.Other optional features include hyperlinks inside cells, non-display of duplicate values, conditional formatting, and shared column titles. To use the class it is assumed the developer ...
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    Ajax Table Edit can be used to edit data in the cells of an HTML table using AJAX to save the changed cell values without reloading the current page. It takes an bi-dimensional array as parameter to define the contents of the cells of the table to be edited. Then it generates the table HTML with the necessary JavaScript code ...
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    MySQL List Data can be used to view, edit and delete records of a MySQL database table. It can execute a MySQL database SELECT query and list the results in an HTML table.The table fields, the respective header names and the table presentation details are configurable. The record listing table may have links on each row to edit and delete ...
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    PaginateIt is a simple PHP class written to make pagination easy. Pagination allows you to break up a collection of data (gallery, news items, etc...) into different pages. It can work in conjuction with a database, flat files, or any other collection. This class will allow you to easily implement pagination and help keep your code cleaner.Usage:include('PaginateIt.php');$PaginateIt = new PaginateIt();$PaginateIt->SetItemCount(x);echo ...
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    Simple Data Grid can be used to display MySQL database query result data in an HTML table grid.There are classes to define details of the headers and body of table grid. There is also a class for executing MySQL database queries and return the results in a bi-dimensional array.The data grid classes can be customized to specify presentation details such ...
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    dbGrid Extreme can be used to display in an HTML table grid data from a MySQL database table in a way that can be edited.Features of dbGrid Extreme:- Splitting data between multiple pages with navigation links- Display rows of data with alternate background colors- Control the columns by which the presented data is sorted- Display optional links to pages for ...
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    HTML Friends is a PHP wrapper to use DHTML widget scripts from the site dhtmlgoodies.com.Currently HTML Friends can wrap the DHTML widgets:- Floating window- Color picker- Calendar- Table- Order list- Tool tip- Roll menu- Tab
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    Kalender classes is a class that computes and displays month calendars in HTML table denoting days known to be holidays.Several presentation details may be configured including the locale dependent texts like the names of the months and holidays.Kalender classes comes with locale text definitions for German in a separate script but other scripts may be used to present the calendar ...
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    Insert Retrieve data from Table can be used to execute MySQL database queries to insert and retrieve data from table records. It can insert a record in a table given an array of fields and the respective values.Insert Retrieve data from Table can check if there is already duplicated record giving an SQL clause for checking duplicated rows. The class ...
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    format_page is a class that will format an array of scalars (like strings) neatly into an arbitrary number of equal sized columns. Uses an HTML table to do this, wrapping from left to right.Modelled after the output from the format_page() SimulEfun in thlt;p>Modelled a
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    Easy Data Grid is a simple class that can display the results of a MySQL database query in an HTML table. It takes as parameters a result set resource handle and a list of result columns to display.The results are displayed in an HTML table that may have every other row with a custom background color. Additionally, a special column ...
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    MyDBO Code Generator can be used to generate the code of classes to access MySQL database tables. It uses Smarty templates to generate all the code for the classes and other scripts.The generated classes perform the usual database access operations like establishing database connections and executing SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and delete SQL queries. The templates from which the code is ...
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    table_class the base class that you would extend to create a php object for any mysql table. All the Fields of the table become variables accessed through the $myObj->properties[] arrayExample:$myObj->properties[client_name] == "Matthew A. Malenski"NOTE: use a field labled "id" as the key
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