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  1. Guitar Tabs
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    Guitar Tabs is a PHP script for adding guitar tabs to a block of text (song lyrics). The script needs the input lyrics to be formatted into a specific way. The output will be lyrics lines, with guitar tabs shown on top at the beginning of every line. A demo is included with the download package.
  2. ApPHP Tabs
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    The ApPHP Tabs is a simple PHP script that generates multilevel tab menu control which consists of nice-looking tabs. It may be useful for web developers who appreciate their time and do not want to waste it on boring work but instead focus on really challenging tasks. It takes you only few seconds to add or remove a tab. You ...
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    Tab Output can return indenting spaces to be inserted before each line with HTML tags or data. The indenting level is being tracked so that it can be increased or decreased for each new output line. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A list of authorized and denied tags and attributes are accepted as parameters with Antz_TagFilter. Antz_TagFilter parses an HTML document to keep authorized tags and removing denied tags and attributes combinations. The script returns the HTML of the resulting filtered document. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PayPal Tabs is a simple class that can generate a navigation user interface based on tabs similar to those found in the Paypal site but without requiring create rollover images.The tabs can include text and icons.
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    The links used for navigation are displayed in a tab.
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    Tab Menu Generator is a simple class to generate HTML tab menus. It may generate simple menus or pagination tabs that may switch the content of pages that is exhibited.Tab Menu Generator uses CSS combined with Javascript to switch the visible page contents.
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    Tab To XML contains three functions: getLine(), convertToXML() and insertIntoMySQL().
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    CSS can be used to customize the menu presentation.
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    GonxTabs creates HTML tab controls that are meant to switch between different content or aspects of a page.GonxTabs outputs HTML that displays tab navigation links decorated with nice images served by a class that containes built-in image data generated with img2php class.
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    Tab Class generates HTML to display a window with tab button controls. When the tabs are clicked, the contents of the window changes without page reloading.Static HTML files, text files or the output of a PHP script can be used to define each of the tabs.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Tab Menu takes an array that defines the name of all the tab labels and the respective URLs and render the tabs in an HTML table using normal links. The currently active tab just displays its label text.The tab menu may be aligned to the left, right or center of the page or container element. A label text can also ...
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    Functions to define each tab link, title and contents are provided.Only one tab may appear selected. To make it evident which is the currently selected tab, it appears in a different style and its contents are not linked to the associated URL.The colors and other presentation style details of the tabs are configurable.
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    TabControl can be used to output a navigation tab bar that can dynamically switch the content that appears below the bar options according to the selected tab.TabControl can display a row of tabs showing only one selected at a time the selected tab is rendering with a different style.The tab bar is rendered as table with different cells for each ...
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    This tiny class creates/formats flat tabbed text in table style for email or text document uses, inserts lines of any style and even rightbounds selected columns for better overview in the created text table.
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