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    BrowserDetection analyzes the user agent string sent by the browser and parses it to determine: the type of browser, the user operating system, the version, release and build.BrowserDetection may also compare the browser version against a range of accepted versions, as well if the browser is expected to support page element opacity attribute and transparent PNG images. It can also ...
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    The IP address and browser user agent are extracted from the HTTP request variables in order to determine specific information.Key Features of User Info & GeoIP:- Browser name- User Operating System- Determine the user country using a GeoIP database stored in a MySQL database- Search terms and search engine when the user came from search engine pages- Get User Language- ...
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    PHP 5 Interface Browser can be used to present quick reference pages to browse the available classes. It browses all the directories in the current include path to extract the list of available classes.A page is generated with a menu of links to pages that display the contents of all the available class source files. The presentation details can be ...
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    securepwd can check the similarity between the username and password on different levels, such as phonetics, soundex and mataphone, check it against a file of commonly used passwords, check to see if it meets a minimum size.
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    Time-based tokens are generated and can be used in hidden form fields.The presence of the token in the submitted form values can be verified and an eventual attack can be avoided by not processing the form if the token is not present or is not valid.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A log file containing the IP addresses and whether they could be proxies, gets generated. Rex can also check if an array of POST or GET values contains HTML excerpts with Javascript that could be used to perform XSS (Cross-site scripting) attacks.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higherWhat's New in This Release Rex:- Proxy port scan can be disabled (in some cases, ...
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    The operating system and the browser type are determined by parsing the user agent string. Client info also returns the file name of an icon associated to the detected browser and operating system.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    simple Email Class composes a message with an HTML body. When the message is sent it automatically includes an alternative text part by stripping the tags from the HTML part.Images can also be embedded in HTML message and several files can be attached.Requirements:PHP 4.1.0 or higher
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    CAPTCHA 2 class can be used to generate images for CAPTCHA validation. It draws additional lines over the generated image and uses PHP 5 syntax.
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    SMTP E-mail sending class connects to a SMTP mail server to send messages.Features of SMTP E-mail sending class:- Relaying message delivery to a programmer defined SMTP server.- Programmer defined server address, server port, connection timeout, origin host address.- Support for authentication methods PLAIN and LOGIN.- Support for POP3 based authentication before delivery.- Direct delivery to one or more recipients with ...
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    Gnpasswd can generate rand password of types: - AlphaNumeric, - AlphaOnly, - NumericOnly.
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    Browser Info is meant to parse the HTTP user agent text string to extract details about the user browser type and version, the user operating system type and version.Browser Info can detect many types of browsers or crawling bots as well many types of operating systems.
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    The gnVisitorInfo class is meant to gather some information about the visitor on your page. The information that is retrieved include: the IP address, the current page HTTP request method, browser identification, user machine operating system, and the country name determined from IP address.Note that you need to install the a database table that is used to determine the country ...
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