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    EPILinkedIn is a PHP library to build a "Sign in with LinkedIn" login system. It was created for working with the LinkedIn professionals social network. Basically, the library is a wrapper around the LinkedIn API, supporting basic authentication or via OAuth. The script is based on Jaisen Mathai's Twitter-async library. Requirements:- LinkedIn API key
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    Prima Members is easy to use open source membership management system with integrated shopping cart. Features of Prima Members:- Product Management- Member Control- Members Settings- Newsletter- Mailer Settings (allows changing the mailer settings using this page)- System e-mail (edit system e-mail templates)- Statistics- Activity Log- Coupons and Discount System Management- Administrator Management- Security Settings- Design Manager Requirements:- PHP 4.1 or ...
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    Event Registration is a WordPress plugin for running an events registration system. It even works with a paid registration mod, supporting payment gateways like PayPal, Google Pay, MonsterPay or Authorize.net. Features of Event Registration:- Shortcodes- Sidebar widgets- Payment gateways- Set company details- Manage attendees- Event FAQs Requirements:- WordPress 3.0.2 or Higher What's New in This Version:Fixed:- Company field not displaying ...
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    Plumba Poll is a polling system for WordPress. This plugin makes it possible for admins and editors to add polls to WordPress posts or pages. Creating the poll is done with the aid of a WP custom post type, while embedding it is done via a special button added to the default WYSIWYG post editor. Twitter Bootstrap is used to ...
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    Simple Accounts is a financial accounting system package developed in open source php, mysql projects. The objective of the project is to host the accounting package in web and maintains day to day financial accounts. This works in the Client Server Model. Apache, PHP, MySQL should already be installed and the downloaded zip must be installed into the Document Root ...
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    FlexPHPic is a simple, free and open source picture admin system, which can add multi-level sub-categories and classify the pictures. All the text in this program is put in one file. Once you edit this file, you can generate a new language version or customize the text in your program. Users can search pictures by keywords, browse pictures online as ...
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    Five Star Rating System Script using PHP and JQuery allows to rate different pages or products on any web page. Users can rate the content on a scale of 1-5 stars without reloading the page. Features of Five Star Rating System:- Five star rating system that can be added in to any web page to rate articles, tutorials, photos and ...
  8. PHP Firewall
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    PHP Firewall is a firewall system for PHP apps. Using it to install and start immediately protecting a website against abuses, attacks and spam flow. Features of PHP Firewall:- Sanitize cookies- Sanitizes POST and GET vars- Protect URL queries- Deny access to users with IPs from reserved ranges- Protect unset PHP global vars- System logger- Send email alerts Protects against:- ...
  9. NBSCaptcha
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    NBSCaptcha is a simple PHP CAPTCHA system and protects forms from spam bots and automatic form submissions. The system display a mathematical question and expects an answer to it before performing the user desired action. Developers can adjust the CAPTCHA field's border color, so it better fits into various website designs. A small demo is included with the download package.
  10. Traffic Analyzer
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    Traffic Analyzer is a traffic analysis system for WordPress-powered sites. Logs all user visits and compiles them into nice looking graphs, so webmatsers can analyze what kind of traffic their site is getting. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Features of Traffic Analyzer:- Live Visits- Visitors Trend Chart ...
  11. MiniCache
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    MiniCache is a PHP script for caching resources in PHP. Its main features include its small, lightweight size and disk-based storage system. Features of MiniCache:- Set cache depth- Customize cache storage duration- Set custom cache file extension- Set cache storage path Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher
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    This class can be used to monitor the system usage and throttle heavy programs. It can check if the CPU load is too high and whether the available disk space on certain partition is too low. The class can also execute a given program and suspend its execution when the system resources usage is excessive. Then it can wait and ...
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    This class can used to generate license style keys to control the distribution and functionality of PHP applications.It generates license strings that can bind PHP applications to specific domains, specific servers, can only be executed during limited time period, or to restrictions placed on a home server within the license key.The binding to server process attempts to use the server ...
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    Request Info User Agent can parse the user agent identification sent by the browser or robot accessing the site and extract the browser type and other details. The script can determine if the client is a regular desktop browser, a search engine crawler, a mobile phone, as well as the operating system of the user. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    LSM Browser Type is a simple class that can parse the user agent string and identify the browser and the operating system used on the user machine.
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