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  1. ConfigMagic
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    ConfigMagic is a simple PHP script for managing multiple config files which allows developers to easily switch between configs when running an app. It provides more options and a faster switch between various different settings.
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    One of the biggest pains in hosting a website comes when you realize that you need to switch servers, or mirror a website. Ideally your initial server should do you just fine, but theres always those times when you find a better deal, the initial server gets hacked and you need to move, or for whatever reason you need to ...
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    dbwrap class provides a number of functions to make it easier to work with MySQL, without a need to actually using mysql_xxxx functions, making it easier to switch to a different database.Supports SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries only, first because of security reasons, second - other queries are just not really needed for web development.
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