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    SVG math functions graphics is a script which can render a math formula as a SVG vectorial chart. It takes a string with math formula and creates a chart on which it is drawn a set of lines between consecutive points for the x axis. Meanwhile, the script returns the chart data in SVG format. The size of the chart ...
  2. bChart
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    bChart is a simple PHP charting solution which generatesgraphs as PNG files. Future releases will support SVG images via HTML5. Features of bChart:- Customize colors- Customize dimensions- Axis labels- Data labels- Chart titles- Legends- Manage font details Chart types:- Bar- Stacked
  3. sigToSvg
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    This is a supplemental script for Signature Pad that generates a SVG file from the signature. It uses the outputted JSON data from the canvas signature and generates a SVG file on the server side using PHP. sigToSvg doesn't need GD to work.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher- Signature Pad
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    TDOM is the base classes handling the parsing and generating of XML documents from groups of text and tag elements.Other sub-classes can generate XML documents in specific formats, such as HTML, Atom, SVG, etc..Requirements: PHP 5.2.3 or higher
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    svg2png uses the Inkscape program in order to convert the SVG to PNG format. Requirements: PHP 4.2 or higher
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    phpHtmlLib is a set of classes and library functions to help build, debug, and render XML, HTML, XHTML, WAP/WML Documents, SVG images, as well as complex html widgets.
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    The outputted debugging information includes the time and values of passed variables.SVG Debug can generate multiple SVG files to fit all the information that is stored, as well HTML files that can be used to view the generated SVG files.
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    The different attributes are displayed in concentric circles, ordered by importance, to outline relationships between attributes and items data.The generated chart is stored in a file in the SVG format.
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    The main class takes the data set that defines the values of the chart and passes to separate classes specialized in generating different types of charts.Currently there are classes specialized in generating bar and pie charts. The output SVG tags defining the chart graphic objects, are returned.The main class assembles the returned chart SVG graphics with a legend if its ...
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    The SVG language allows for a high degree of control of the output, thus svgGraph is intended to be extended. In order to view the SVG files, a SVG plug-in is required.
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    The SVG Class encapsulates the basic SVG elements into individual classes. It generates well-formed SVG documents.
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