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    This script can be used to compute the stem of a Spanish word. It uses Porter's stemming algorithm to compute the stem of a given Spanish word. The script supports removing common suffixes and works with words encoded with UTF-8.
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    Porter Stemmer is a PHP5 only class to facilitate the stemming of word. This is the process of removing suffixs from words to produce their "stems", eg national -> nation, running -> run, adoption -> adopt.The public API is very simple, consisting of one function. The function takes two arguments, one being the word you wish to stem, and the ...
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    The first name, middle name and last name, as well as the title and suffix can be extracted from a given full name. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Multiple functions to manipulate and generate arrays are included in ubarray. Key Features of ubarray:- Generate an array with values made of keys and values of an associative array separated by colons- Generate an associative array parsing values of another array that have the array keys and values separated by colons- Verify whether a value is an array and return ...
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    Ofile class can open a file and use a given delimiter regular expression to split its contents. It can output the content of the split sections using configurable HTML to prefix and suffix the content.New content can also be written to the file, after a lock is placed on it in order to prevent simultaneous operations.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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