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  1. CSS Plus
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    CSS Plus is the easiest way of adding custom CSS code to a WordPress post or page. CSS Plus works by adding a metabox on the post/page editing screen in which custom CSS code can be written, which will then be executed when the post/page gets compiled in the frontend. Unlike many similar solutions that required the user to create ...
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    phpStyleSheetViewer will allow you to preview your Style Sheet and have a sample of what every element in your style sheet will look like on your site. Having the sample class elements visually, will help you to build your web front end faster and more efficiently. Just paste and copy your style sheet in phpStyleViewer's text box or Upload it ...
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    An XSL stylesheet can be used to process the output through xmlForm.
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    XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) is a language for transforming XML documents into other XML documents.
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    myEngine demonstrates the use of XML/XSLT technologies for XML processing.
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    Breadcrumb navigation can generate bread crumb like navigation bars. Links can be added dynamically to a navigation bar specifying link label and its URL.Breadcrumb navigation outputs an HTML unordered list of navigation links. The links presentation can be configured using CSS stylesheets.
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    Easy RSS can create a RSS feed from definition arrays. The parsing function extracts information from an RSS feed into an array with equivalent structure. It does not require PHP to be compiled with XML support. Regular expressions are used to parse RSS feeds.Easy RSS lets you define a custom XSL stylesheet to reference in the generated RSS feeds. Sample ...
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    CSS AutoLoad processes the @import keyword server-side instead of client-side. In this manner, website authors can easily create and load a CSS framework into all pages with a single stylesheet include, no matter how many .css files are in use.In English: You can use as many stylesheets as you want without having to include each one in your HTML document ...
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    FlexiReport generates tabular HTML reports from database data.It supports nested levels, sub-reports, and totals.The presentation details are configurable using CSS stylesheets.The output is configurable to allow formatting of individual fields: uppercase, percent, currency, decimal, date.Other optional features include hyperlinks inside cells, non-display of duplicate values, conditional formatting, and shared column titles. To use the class it is assumed the developer ...
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    CSS Tree Class can be used to parse Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and build a tree data structure that can traversed programatically.CSS Tree Classcan parse CSS data from files or text strings. It builds an hierarchy of style nodes. It can also output styles for tags, HTML style tag definitions or to a given file.
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    XHTML Page Creator can be used to create HTML documents defined programatically. The generated documents are compliant with XHTML 1.0 standard.Features of XHTML Page Creator:- Generate HTTP headers to tell browsers and proxies that the dynamically generated and should not be cached- Configurable page title, character set, language, META and LINK document tags- Define external CSS stylesheets- Include JavaScript code- ...
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    XML Cacher is meant to parse and transform XML documents with an XSL stylesheet.It uses PEAR::Cache package to cache the results of parsing and transforming stages to reduce the time to generate the final output after the first time the same XML documents are processed.XML Cacher uses the domXML API to transform the documents.
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    DOM Class can transform XML documents using XSLT stylesheets. It is a wrapper around the PHP DOM XML extension.
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    Schematron is a validation language for XML. This is a class to process Schematron validations from PHP. XML documents can be validated from files, URLs or PHP strings and the Schematron script can be processed from a file, script or string too. Schematron scripts can be "compiled" into XSLT stylesheets. Methods to validate files, documents or URLs using the compiled ...
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