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    A self-contained, one-file PHP script for generating dynamic form structures on the fly, perfect for creating interactive Web forms.RapidForm uses a PHP-based configuration array to generate the form.This makes it very easy for any developer to control the content and fields of its form.An example is included with the RapidForm package.
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    XML Parser takes a XML document as a single text string and parses it to build a document structure as nested array. A class variable is used to store the structured nested array. Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    Maildir To Mailbox scans a given mailbox directory to retrieve the list of messages stored in a Maildir structure. Multiple mbox file will be generated, according to the maildir directory structure. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Queue is a class for storing and managing data in a queue data structure.
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    Class for manipulating data structured in a hierarchical tree that is stored in a database.php_tree supplies raw functions to display, inject, retrieve and delete information from MySQL database that holds the flat tree information with ident, parent, haschild table-rows.
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    pTree provides classes that abstract an hierarchical data structures like trees. There is one class for abstracting trees and another for tree nodes. These classes are expected to be extended by sub-classes in concrete applications.The tree node class has functions for adding and removing children nodes, setting and getting the node value, name and comment, and serializing and serializing the ...
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    An XML document can be parsed and an array with the document structure can be built.XML 2 PHP and PHP 2 XML can also take the array with the document structure after eventual alterations and regenerate a new XML document.
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    The menus can have a tree-like structure.
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    MySQL Structure Magic can analyze the schema of a MySQL database and export it as a PHP array definition or in a XML format. Previously exported schema definitions can also be imported.With an initial and final schema definitions MySQL Structure Magic can compare them and determine the necessary SQL statements to alter the initial schema to make it become the ...
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    The PHP Expat extension is used to parse XML documents. Sofee XML Parser builds a structure in private class variables.Sofee XML Parser provides means to extract the XML document structure into an array that can be used by applications using the usual PHP array iterator functions.
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    HTMLparser uses a 'rather-standard' HTML stream into a tree-structure, that consitutes objects and properties.
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    SimpleXML for PHP can load and parse a XML document file like the simple_xml_load function.Document nodes are reorganized and parsed in order to return a document structure identical to the result of the simple_load_file function.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    HTML Data Parser can be used to parse HTML files to extract its structure of tags and data.There is a class that can parse HTML files and strings and build an array of elements with all the tags and text data that is found.There is another class that extends the base parser class to parse template files and extract the ...
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    phpManta is a suite of PHP classes, scripts and examples intended to help PHP programmers writing stable PHP websites and applications. Mdoc is a new auto-documentation tool to create manuals like PHP manual at php.net web site, so in a style common to the PHP community and is very efficient to share your code as APIs. Mdoc parses the PHP ...
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    QTag can build a nested structure of tag objects that define the contained tags, data and tag attributes.The tag object structure can be traversed recursively in order to generate all the tags and the contained data and tags structure.Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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