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  1. php-url
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    php-url is a PHP library for working with URL strings and can assemble, breakdown and manipulate URL strings with ease. The library can differentiate between the different parts of an URL (host, path, port, etc.) and work with them accordingly. Features of php-url:- Convert relative to absolute URLs- Convert absolute to relative URLs- Map URLs to a canonical equivalent- Organize ...
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    json-format is a PHP library for displaying readable JSON strings. JSON strings are normally a big chunk of text, displayed in one line of constant data. If the JSON string contains lots of information, it's almost impossible to read by a human being. json-format helps by taking the string and unpacking it into a human readable array structure, displaying it ...
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    lib_autolink is a PHP library for linkifying URL strings which takes a raw text URL string and converts it into an actual URL (adds the anchor HTML tag to it, with the string as the href attribute). URL strings already linkified are ignored.
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