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    Remove comments in a string can be used to remove comments from a string of code. It can process lines of PHP code and remove all comment text that follows a comment character.By default Remove comments in a string assumes that the # character start a comment text, but it can be configured to use another comment start character.
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    String Searcher can be used to search for a given text in files of any size.String Searcher opens a given file and looks up for a given text string. It stops the search when the text is found or the end of the file has been reached.String Searcher can perform either case sensitive or insensitive searches.
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    String Buffer is meant to access and manipulate text string objects as with Java StringBuffer class and the Enumeration interface.It provides extensive support for string manipulation as well as having built-in enumeration that allows input parameters ranges to be taken care of. The advantage of this for the programmer is that it cuts down iteration code needed to be written.String ...
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    Simple class for removing all punctuation and general stop words from any given search string. Stopwords and punctuation can be removed one at a time or all at once.
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    Strings is an expansion to the original PHP string functions. All functions was make to use special characters (192-223 and 224-255 in ascii table).Strings includes the functions: lowercase, strtolower, uppercase, strtoupper, ucfirst, lcfirst, ucwords, lcwords, normal, remove, chomp, php_quote, file_ext, file_noext, stripdouble, bar_quote
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    Generic string mapping class maps string characters given an arbitrary character map table.Features of Generic string mapping class:- Maps string characters given an arbitrary character map table.- Maps characters not present in the table with user defined function.- Separate mapping tables are provided to convert ISO Latin 1 strings to upper case, lower case accents and cedillas to correspondent ASCII ...
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    Funny Strings is meant to transform text strings into h4xx0r- or eLiTe-StYlE or shuffled words. For example, Funny Strings can convert Metallica to M3t4||1(4, or to mEtAlLiCa, or even Mecalilta.This last example is interesting because the class preserves the first and last letter of the word, and so you may still be able to read it afterwards without problems.
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    Validate String is a validation class for validation of misc strings. It is ideal to validate form data.Yet Validate String can validate the following string types:- alphabetical- alphabetical lowercase- alphabetical uppercase- numerical- alphanumerical- postcodes for: austria, australia, germany, estonia, netherlands, italy, sweden, united kingdom, united states- email- url- ip address
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    PHP's standard functions for upper and lower casing don't work for special chars. casespecial.php class allows you to manage uppercase, lowercase, capitalize strings with special chars too.Functions of casespecial.php: - ucfirst(),- ucwords(),- strtolower(),- strtoupper(), - capitalize(), - capitalizewords().All functions can called by reference, use the get_ functions to get a string return and your original string unchanged.
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    Class to handle string that needs to be converted to some format.
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    Math Replace is meant to process text strings that contain math expressions. The class finds the math expressions, evaluates them and replaces their original text by the resulting values, returning the replaced text string.
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    Permutation to permutate a string (short one) to return subsets with variable parameters. "ABC" returns a,b,c,aa,ab,ac,ba,bb,...abc,aca,acb ... Initially implemented with a recursive solution there was the bothersome stack overflow and also other minor problems... later when implemented with a tripple for loop it still fails the volume test though try not to have too many characters or it will exceed ...
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    Punchcard Coder is a PHP script that can convert a string into a Punchcard.
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