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    Flamework-useragent is a PHP library for parsing UA (user agent) strings. UA strings tell a webmaster what devices a visitor used to access his site. The library can be used to get browser type, browser version, browser engine, engine version, OS and OS version. It can be used with the Flamework PHP framework as well.
  2. php-utf8
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    php-utf8 is a library provides UTF-8 support in PHP. It allows UTF-8 support in functions, mirroring PHP's own string functions. The library is only recommended for advanced PHP programmers and currently used in FluxBB, a lightweight forum application.
  3. Remove Any Excess Whitespace
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    This is a PHP script can be used to remove any excess whitespace (space, tabs, line breaks, etc) from a string of text and allows just one consecutive space.
  4. Very Simple Diff
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    This script can be used to compare two strings and return the differences.It splits two strings in lines and compare the lines to determine the differences.Very Simple Diff script returns two arrays that tell which lines would need to be added or removed to turn the first string into the second string.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  5. String Formatter
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    This PHP Script is a simple but powerful string formatting to implement a template engine to format text string. String Formatter script takes a template text string and uses regular expressiona to replace certain place holders with given values. simple text replacements, justified text insertion, object calls return values, array entry values and insert numbers in different bases are supported.Requirements:- ...
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    PString can manipulate text strings, it can also take a text string value and perform several types of operations like comparing or concatenating it with another string, searching and replacing sub-strings, splitting the string, etc.. This script can be used in text-heavy applications or user input websites, where text must be processed before being used. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    StringList can be used to manage lists of strings. It can take a list of strings separated by line breaks and extracts key value pairs separated by the = character. StringList will then return the list of strings as an array, add more strings to the list, and save or load the list from an external file. Requirement: PHP 5.0 ...
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    Simple string diff can be used to compare two strings and return the changed lines. It takes two strings and split them into arrays of lines. The script can compare the two arrays of lines and return a new text string denoting with + and - the lines that were added and removed from the first to the second string. ...
  9. Java and C# compatible object autoboxing
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    This script can be used to wrap string and integer values in objects. It provides functions that create objects to store references to either strings or integer values. It can also cache references to value objects with the same values to avoid creating needless object copies. Requirement: PHP 5.1 or Higher
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    This is a simple class for generating an hash string from another string or the contents of a file.It just replaces the text being hashed with other characters specified in a translation table defined within the class.
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    This script can be used to compares strings to determine similarity level. It takes two strings to compare and split the strings into words. The script uses the Levenshtein algorithm to compare the words and determine the overall similarity level.
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    Cycle is a simple cycle class for alternating between strings.
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    Cut html string takes a string with an HTML excerpt and return the initial text and tags so the text does not exceed a given limit.
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    The initial text and tags are returned from a string with an HTML excerpt with the help of Cut HTML string. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Several types of operations that manipulate string values through a fluent interface, are included. Currently TString can concatenate an array of strings, change the case of the string words, split the string in pieces separated by another given string, find a given sub-string, pad the string with characters to fill a given length, extract a sub-string. insert a sub-string in ...
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