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  1. Infinite-social-wall
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    Infinite-Social-Wall is a social stream aggregator, which is written in PHP, it mashes up updates from a multitude of networks and presents them into an infinite scrolling web wall. It created to power the site and portofolio of philipbjorge.com, it has been open sourced and adopted by a multitude of users. Besides the standard provided social networks, new ones can ...
  2. Just Anther Video Script
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    JAVS is a free video script that offers webmasters and uses an flexible, efficient and reliable solution to share video's.JAVS is the only video script that can run only on lighttpd. Other video script need apache for the running of your website and the streaming is done with lighttpd. With lighttpd as webserver you get a fast reliant website with ...
  3. Stream
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    This PHP Script is created to retrieve multiple web pages or other web resources in parallel. It sends multiple HTTP requests to different web servers and receive response data from all servers in parallel. Both regular HTTP and HTTPS requests are supported.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  4. ZipStream-PHP
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    ZipStream-PHP is created to dynamically generate arbitrarily large download zip files from PHP. It is a library for dynamically streaming dynamic zip files from PHP without writing to the disk at all on the server. Create a new stream object:$zip = new ZipStream('example.zip'); and then add one or more files: add first file (dynamically generated)$data = "This is the contents ...
  5. Megavideo Premium Link Generator
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    This class can be used to retrieve the URLs of video streams of Megavideo.com.It takes the URL of a video page at MegaVideo.com and retrieves the page to decode the and regenerate the final video stream URL.
  6. No Screenshot
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    Small PHP script to get Winamp tv listnings. Using this script + xine or mplayer you can play winamp tv streams in Linux.
  7. No Screenshot
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    HN Shoutcast can access a Shoutcast server via HTTP and retrieve information about its status. Currently it can access a Shoutcast server directly or via an HTTP proxy connection with proxy user authentication support if necessary.HN Shoutcast also supports automatic correction of the address of the information page in case it was specified the address of a stream instead, which ...
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