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  1. MiniCache
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    MiniCache is a PHP script for caching resources in PHP. Its main features include its small, lightweight size and disk-based storage system. Features of MiniCache:- Set cache depth- Customize cache storage duration- Set custom cache file extension- Set cache storage path Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher
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    PHP Cached Array can cache virtual array for PHP and implement support for persistent arrays. It comes with an interface to access array elements, eventually stored in persistent data storages. The actual implementation sub-classes should implement the functionality of storing and retrieving array data from persistent storage containers.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
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    This PHP script keeper can be used to store and retrieve keys in array static object. It extends the ArrayObject class and implements array storage functions to check, store and retrieve entries which are stored in a static array variable.
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    The Array Storage class can store and retrieve arrays in textual format with optional compression with the zlib PHP extension.Array Storage just converts array data into PHP code that would rebuild the array when run. Then it can compress the generated code so it can take less space to store for instance in a database BLOB field.
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    fileStorage just reads and writes data from ant to a file. The data is kept in an asociative array inside the class and serialized for writing.fileStorage also supports adding variable references in a storage (so you can register a variable and automatically have the newest value of it in the storage).
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