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    ShelfExec is inventory stock management script for any business that needs to manage and control their stock. Manage your inventory and stock operations anywhere at anytime online. Automatically import your inventory and stock into our software from a CSV/Excel file - no manual work to enter hundreds of items and stock operations. Define the stock alert level for every item, ...
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    Yahoo Quotes accesses the Yahoo Finance site server and retrieves data for a given stock symbol. Stock data can be retrieved for the current day or for a range of days.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    GPW parse accesses a page of the gpw.pl site and parses it to retrieve data about the stocks listed in that page.The data is imported into a MySQL database so it can be queried at will. The stored data can be queried and returned in an array.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PHPQuote for Quote.com can be used to retrieve stock quote information from from Quote.com site. It can retrieve the information page at quote.com of a given stock symbol and parse the page to extract several fields of information.Currently PHPQuote for Quote.com can extract the stock last price value, open value, last close value, and negotiation volume. The retrieved values are ...
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    wsCStockFinder can be used to retrieve quotes from Bovespa stock exchange in Brazil. It accesses the Web page of Bovespa site to retrieve the company stock quotes given the respective code.
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    stocks allows you to get stock quotes information from Yahoo server. It is useful for Webmasters who want to have stocks information on their web pages.
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    Yahoo Developer can be used to retrieve company stock quotes from Yahoo Finance site. It retrieves the list of a stock quotes of a given company in CSV format and parses that information to display in an HTML page.Right now the class just provides access to Yahoo Stock Quotes service. More features will be added to this class in the ...
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    Stock Quoter allows you to display stock quotes (20 minute delay) and intraday charts in any PHP page on your website. Super easy to install - just upload to any directory and it runs stand-alone. Use a PHP include statement or paste the code directly to display as part of an existing PHP page. Separate config file lets you control ...
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    This stock exchange module works with the Ciamos CMS. Please visit our website to download the latest release of Ciamos. You can view the current stock price of any stock, with results coming directly from Yahoo! Stocks. Very nice interface!
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