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    Minecraft Server Status is a PHP function for sniffing a Minecraft server's status. It can be used to query a server's IP for it's status (live, dead), the number of slots and the number of active players currently online. Limitations:- Assumes the server's default port is 25565. Need to pass the port value if different.
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    WoW Server Status is a PHP script for reporting on WoW servers status. It parses Blizzard's WoW servers XML feed, fetching a desired realm's status and embedding it on a web page using a nicely crafted badge. A WordPress version of this script is also available.Features of WoW Server Status:- Different badge types (full, half, text, none)- Choose server realm ...
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    AIM Status is created to determine whether an AOL Instant Messenger user is online or not. This PHP script uses the Curl library to connect an Aol web server and query the status of a given AIM user, and then returns if the user is online, or false otherwise.Currently, an usage example script is included with a couple of images ...
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    checkIM uses the Curl extension to retrieve a page of a Web server of Chris Searle and obtain the online status of users of MSN, Skype, ICQ, AIM and Yahoo messengers.The contents of the retrieved page is parsed and a boolean value is returned in order to tell whether the checked users is online.Requirements:PHP 4.1 or higher
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    Very basic script that can be used to show the status of your shoutcast server. The script Shoutcast Status Image will display one of two image you set online or offline.Shoutcast Status Image is the script i made for so if you want to see it but it will just look like a image :P
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    San Andreas - Multi Theft Auto Server Query is a simple class that can query San Andreas: Multi Theft Auto game servers to retrieve publicly available information.The class returns an array that contains the information provided by the server: host name, mods, version, players, pings, etc..
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    Unreal script is an utilityclass (PHP4 only) to do serverstatus-queries against UnrealTournament servers.
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    ICQ status tester can scan the online status of a given UIN. It connects to a Web server of the ICQ service to determine whether the user is online.The user status can also be returned as the URL of an image or a text message that can be use to display on a Web page.
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    ICQStatus is a simple class for getting icq status of an uin.
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    MySQL Server Status retrieves the status of a MySQL server using SHOW STATUS query and returns the values in an array.Also, it provides functions for formatting these status values for better presentation: Formatbytes (determines TB, GB, MB, or KB and limits output to a number of decimal places that you provide) also TimeSpanFormat (returns the number of days, hours, minutes, ...
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    UD Server Status is a simple class that can determine the status of a TCP server by attempting to establish a connection. It returns the name of an icon image file that reflects whether the given server status is up or down.
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    CK2ICQ is implementing an communication routines to check the status of the ICQ user.
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    ICQ Status class is meant to retrive the status of ICQ user given his UIN (User Identification Number).It connects to an ICQWeb Server to retrieve the respective page that shows the status of the user. Then it parses that page to determine the user online status information.ICQ Status class uses PHP 5 syntax for specifying which methods are private or ...
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    ICQ Status classes is meant to check the online status of an ICQ user.It works by requesting the online status icon image for the specified user to the ICQ status Web site server and parsing the response to determine the status depending on the image URL to which the ICQ Web site redirects the HTTP request.
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    YahooStatus is meant to retrieve the status of a Yahoo Messenger account.
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